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Member number: 288*
Date elected: 1/1/1823

Description: The master builder Jacob Zigler (Ziegler) served in the First Pennsylvania Battalion as an Ensign and then Lieutenant from 1775 to 1777. He was elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1794 and died in 1822. At the time of his election to The Company,…
Member number: 180*
Date elected: 1/1/1794

Description: Joseph P. Zebley was a master builder elected to the Carpenters’ Company in 1809 after he “appeared at a meeting, paid his entrance money & signed the articles”. He first lived at 36 Kunckle street but had moved to Wood and 6th…
Member number: 239*
Date elected: 1/1/1809

Description: Although trained to the craft of house carpentry, Adam Zantzinger spent most of his life as a merchant. He was elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1772 and signed the Articles the following year, even though he was advertising his ironmongery store…
Member number: 92*
Birth date: 8/18/1746
Date elected: 1/3/1772

Description: The master carpenter and ironmonger William Zane became a member of the Friendship Carpenters' Company c.1775 and a member of The Carpenters' Company when the two groups of master carpenters united in 1786. In the years following the Revolution, Zane…
Member number: 139*
Date elected: 1/16/1786

Zane, Isaac, Sr.jpg
Description: The leading Quaker master builder Isaac Zane was born in New Jersey, the son of Nathaniel and Grace (Rakestraw) Zane. In his early teens he had departed the family farm at the mouth of Newton Creek opposite what is now South Philadelphia to become an…
Member number: 10*
Birth date: 1/1/1711

Member number: 401
Birth date: 2/15/1830
Date elected: 7/16/1866

Description: The master builder Joseph Worrell was the son of Ezekiel and Ann (King) Worrell. Following her husband's death, Ann Worrell petitioned The Carpenters' Company for help in "placing one of her sons Apprentice to a House Carpenter." Company records…
Member number: 155
Date elected: 1/21/1788

Description: The master builder James Worrell first comes to historical attention when he married Hannah Parsons, daughter of William Parsons, at Christ Church on 11 October 1749. When his father-in-law died in 1757, Worrell received forty pounds with which he…
Member number: 31
Birth date: 1/1/1731

Description: The master builder Ezekiel Worrell became a member of The Carpenters' Company prior to the date of the earliest surviving Company records of the 1760s. He is first noted as present at a meeting of The Company in 1770. On 7 August 1760 Worrell had…
Member number: 50
Date elected: 1/1/1770

Description: The master builder Edmund Woolley is chiefly remembered as the master builder-architect of the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall). Named for his father, Woolley was probably born in England and is known to have been in Philadelphia by 1705.…
Member number: 5*
Birth date: 1/1/1690

Member number: 320
Date elected: 1/1/1834

Description: The master builder George Wood was a resident of the North Ward of Philadelphia in 1769 (he lived near Isaac Zane, Sr.) and of the Northern Liberties in 1774. There is confusion concerning his election to The Carpenters' Company that suggests two men…
Member number: 87*
Date elected: 1/1/1770

Member number: 359
Date elected: 1/1/1849

Description: The master builder John Wilson was elected to The Carpenters' Company on July 21, 1788. Wilson, however, appears to have been most active as a lumber merchant in partnership with Ralph Wilson at 349 No. Front Street, according to the Philadelphia…
Member number: 156*
Date elected: 1/1/1788

Member number: 466*
Date elected: 8/13/1885

Member number: 259*
Date elected: 1/1/1813

Member number: 331
Date elected: 1/1/1836

Member number: 319*
Date elected: 1/1/1834

Member number: 322
Date elected: 1/1/1834

Description: The master builder Jesse Williamson, who appears in Philadelphia city directories in the 1790s with a residence at 333 South Second Street, was elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1798 and died in 1852. In the 1790s he may have been in partnership…
Member number: 203*
Date elected: 1/1/1798

Description: William Williams was one of the leading master builder/proto-architects in late eighteenth-century Philadelphia. He first comes to notice with a provocative advertisement in the Pennsylvania Packet for January 4, 1773: William Williams, a native of…
Member number: 98*
Birth date: 1/1/1749
Date elected: 1/1/1773

Member number: 463*
Date elected: 5/6/1885

Member number: 346
Date elected: 1/1/1839

Member number: 464*
Birth date: 1/1/1847
Date elected: 5/6/1885

Member number: 450
Birth date: 1/1/1816
Date elected: 5/5/1880

Member number: 282*
Date elected: 1/1/1823

Description: The master builder, lumber merchant, and Philadelphia Inspector of Lumber, Joseph Wetherill, was the son of Christopher and Mary (Stockton) Wetherill. In 1764 he married Anna Canby of Solebury Township, Bucks County, PA, in the Philadelphia Monthly…
Member number: 124*
Birth date: 7/10/1740
Date elected: 1/1/1786

Member number: 249*
Date elected: 1/1/1811

Member number: 312a*
Date elected: 1/1/1833

Member number: 273*
Date elected: 1/1/1817

Description: The master builder Samuel Wayne--13 Key's Alley--was elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1793. Samuel married Elizabeth Curtain at Christ Church in 1783.biography from thePhiladelphia Architects and Builders, a project of theAthenaeum of…
Member number: 171*
Date elected: 1/1/1793

Description: The master builder John Wayne is traditionally carried on the rolls of The Carpenters' Company as a member elected prior to the earliest surviving Company records of the 1760s. Wayne died in 1765, and letters of administration were issued to Thomas…
Member number: 39*

Member number: 465*
Date elected: 1/1/1885

Member number: 423
Date elected: 5/5/1873

Description: John Warner became a member of the Carpenters’ Company in 1809. He was listed as a carpenter living at 177 Pine in the 1810 City Directory. In 1814, he was listed at 28 Christian street. By 1820, he was listed at Carpenter below 3rd street,…
Member number: 241*
Date elected: 1/1/1809

Description: Master builder Edward Warner may have been apprenticed as a house carpenter to James Porteus whose heir he was in 1736/37. Warner was admitted as a freeman of Philadelphia by the Common Council in 1717, and by the 1720s he was selling by lottery a…
Member number: 12*
Birth date: 1/1/1690

Member number: 245*
Date elected: 1/1/1810

Member number: 448
Date elected: 7/16/1878

Description: The master builder Samuel Wallis signed the Articles of The Carpenters' Company on 16 July 1770. Never regular in his attendance at Company meetings, he may have been out of Pennsylvania much of the time. (There was a Samuel Wallis in Harford County,…
Member number: 84*
Date elected: 1/1/1770

Description: William Wagner was elected to the Carpenters’ Company in 1809. Wagner served on the Managing Committee and the Book Prices Committee for multiple terms. He also served as Treasurer, Vice-President, and finally President. Wagner moved multiple times…
Member number: 237*
Date elected: 1/1/1809

Usher, Jacob.jpg
Description: Born: c. 1679, Died: 1738 The trail of early master builder Jacob Usher is faint at best. He is traditionally listed by The Carpenters' Company as one of its earliest members, although no Company records prior to the 1760s survive to confirm the date…
Member number: 4*
Birth date: 1/1/1678

Member number: 317*
Date elected: 1/1/1831

Description: The master builder John Trip was elected to The Carpenters' Company on April 19, 1770, but rarely attended meetings. In 1800 it was reported that he was living in Wilmington, Delaware. Some Company records indicate that he was expelled from…
Member number: 81*
Date elected: 1/1/1770

Member number: 226*
Date elected: 1/1/1803

Member number: 324
Date elected: 1/1/1835

Description: Ebenezer Tomlinson, son of Joseph Tomlinson (d. 1719), Gloucester Township, New Jersey, was a master house carpenter and an early member of The Carpenters' Company. He was in Philadelphia by 1728 when, together with Richard Armitt, he witnessed the…
Member number: 14*
Birth date: 1/11700

Description: The master builder Samuel Tolbert (not Talbert) became a member of the Friendship Carpenters' Company and then signed the articles of The Carpenters' Company when those two organizations of master craftsmen united in 1786. During the Revolution,…
Member number: 143*
Date elected: 1/1/1786

Description: The master builder Benjamin Thornton declined membership in The Carpenters' Company in 1782 but was elected in 1792. He appears in the Philadelphia city directories as a house carpenter at 20 Church Alley. According to Carpenters' Company records…
Member number: 170*
Date elected: 1/1/1792

Description: The master builder Joseph Thornhill was the son of John and Jane (Cook) Thornhill. During the Revolution he served as a Sergeant in the 1st Company of Artillery of Philadelphia under master-builder Captain Benjamin Loxley. On December 18, 1783, he…
Member number: 108*
Date elected: 1/1/1783
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