Linnard, William



Linnard, William


William Linnard was a master builder who served during the Revolution as a Captain of the Pennsylvania Artillery Company Militia. In 1782 he was elected to The Carpenters' Company and served as Warden in 1787 and Vice-President from 1806 until 1813.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Builders, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss.

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Susannah McMullan


Thomas, James

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Office Held

Vice President, 1806-13
Warden, 1787

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1790-99,1802-05

Business Address

307 S. 2nd St. (1791-1800) (Prime)


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 482. A master builder who served during the Revolution as a Captain of the Pennsylvania Artillery. In 1782 he was elected to The Company and served as Warden in 1787 and Vice President from 1806 until 1813. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. --------------------------- Wiliam Linnard credited with construction of fanlight, or fan window, or D-window together with south doorway in 1791. See Beatrice Kirkbride report in Archives, Box 150, File 31. --------------------------- From a sign at Fort Mifflin: 1819 - Major William Linnard, commandant of Fort Mifflin, submitted plans for a new hospital. --------------------------- City Directory - 1805, 10 - William, military agent, 307 S. 2nd 1814, 20, 24 - William, U.S. deputy quartermaster, 205 S. 4th City Directory - 1830 - William Linnard, colonel, quarter master general, U.S. Army, 205 S. 4th St. 1835 - William Linnard, colonel, quarter master general U.S. Army, Locust below 12th. --------------------------- Pew rental records of Pine Street Presbyterian Church (at Presbyterian Historical Society) show Linnard paid rental on May 7, 1798 and other dates. --------------------------- Correspondence from descendant in file: was a Trustee of Old South Pine Street Church; rebuilt the church after the Revolution; is buried in Old Pine Street graveyard. --------------------------- PA Gazette 10/18/1797 - #12438 Elected to State Assembly from Philadelphia county. PA Gazette 10/11/1797 - #12428 Living at No. 20 N. 5th St., Thomas Savery joins appeal for people impoverished by yellow fever epidemic. Committee included William Linnard, South 2nd St. in Southwark and George Ingels, New Market St., in Northern Liberties. PA Gazette 11/29/1797 - #12499 The Committee for relief of yellow fever victims, including members above, expresses thanks for outpouring of money "to give comfort to the mourner, bread to the hungry,and consolation to the distressed widows and fatherless." More than 6,000 entrusted to their care, "1,300 heads of households plus 600 men on the roads." A total of $20,500 was collected from city residents in a short period, plus 335 barrels of wheat, rye, buckwheat, Indian meal and potatoes. PA Gazette 8/21/1799 - #13344 William Linnard, Alexander Steel and Silas Engles on committee from Southwark to elect Thomas McKean as governor. PA Gazette 11/5/1800 - #13900 George Ingels and William Linnard elected from Philadelphia county to State Assembly. --------------------------- Transactions APS Vol. 43, Part I (1953), page 106 On March 27, 1791, a decorative wooden doorway with arched head and a pediment over engaged Doric columns, was installed on the north or principal entrance. (92) Two or three years later, the frontispiece of the south entrance was added.(93) On November 14, 1792, William Linnard was ordered to complete the work and on November 27, 1793, he was paid 12 pounds, 2 shillings, 10 pence for it. AICC, 55. ------------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1782-3-15, 20 William Linnard proposed; William Linnard elected. (NOTE: Minutes spell name phonetically LEONARD, which probably is a clue to pronunciation, with emphasis on first syllable.) Managing Committee Minutes-1808-15-123 The collector reports that he has received of William Linnard $32, one year's interest. Managing Committee Minutes-1809-15-186 The collector reported that he had received from William Linnard $573.24, principal and interest of bond and mortgage. ________________ census data Census 1790 - William Linnard, Southwark, carpenter, dwelling , Image 0629, roll M637.9 page 209; two under 16 living in house Census 1810, 1820 - no listing Census 1830 - Col William L., New Market Ward, Image 433, roll M19_159, page 217

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