Rugan, John



Rugan, John


John Rugan was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1785. His other memberships include the Library Company and the Columbia Fire Company.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Builders, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss.

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5th bet. Arch & Market Sts. (1785) (Prime)


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 680. A master builder elected to The Company in 1785. His other memberships included the Library Company and the Columbia Fire Company. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. See specifics: Library Company Catalog of Books; Scharf & Westcott. ------------------------------ Managing Committee Minutes-1785-3-86, 92 William Robinson proposed John Rugan; John Rugan elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1789-4-24 John Rugan and Mark Rodes are to be informed that it is the sense of the Company that they return our Book of Prices which they have obtained until they comply with our Articles by paying up the arrears of their entrance money. Managing Committee Minutes-1790-4-43 John Rugan and Mark Rodes have complied with the Articles of the Company. ------------------------------ PA Gazette 10/5/1796 - #8232 William Garrigues nominated to stand for election to Common Council, together with John Rugan. PA Gazette 10/18/1797 - #12438 Elected to Common Council of Philadelphia. ------------------------------ Dissertation by Donna J. Rilling, chapter 4, page 54 Craft associations sometimes proved stronger than reputation or, at least, artisans put judgments made personally ahead of public disclosures. John Rugan and Michael Rodes were partners in the business of house carpentry and mercantile pursuits for many years. The partners became acquainted in their teens, when they served in the Pennsylvania regiments during the Revolution. Shortly thereafter, in 1785, they joined the Carpenters' Company. The partnership was very successful, both in building and in the mercantile trade, and owned a dock on the Delaware river for use in its commerce. In 1818, the pair was charged with treble damages (for over $36,000) for violating the Non-Intercourse acts. In spite of the imputations, they continued to deal with the city's artisans and merchants alike in commercial ventures. NOTE: Mark and NOT Michael was a Company member. ---------------------- City Directory - 1805, 10 - John, merchant, 248 Sassafras Rugan & Rodes, merchants, 8 south wharves 1810 - Rugan & Rodes, merchants, 99 N. Water 1814 - John, merchant, 97 N. Water st., & 248 Sassafras Rugan and Rodes, merchants, 97 N. Water. 1820 - Rugan, John, & Sons, merchants, 97 N. Water St.; dwelling 248 Race. City Directory - 1826, 30 - John Rugan, collector of water rents, 248 Sassafras St. 1835 - John Rugan, gentleman, 248 Race.

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