Barker, John



Barker, John


John Barker was a master builder who first became a member of the Friendship Carpenters' Company, signing the articles in 1775. When that Company merged with The Carpenters' Company in 1786, he transferred his membership.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Builders, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss.

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Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects 45. A master builder who first became a member of the Friendship Company, signing the Articles in 1775. When that company merged with the Carpenters' Company in 1786, he transferred his membership. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects shows him on page 45 as elected 1775, died 1789 (see first Managing Committee Minutes item) ----------------------- Hannah Roach-APS EP 20 May 1777. removed from Combs alley into 3rd, 5 doors below Mr. Jacobs tavern, between Market & Arch, where he carries on business as usual. PP 2 Aug 1783. running for sheriff (?) FJ 29 Sept. 1784. St. Tamany Fire Co. to meet at house of Col. John Barker on 1 Oct. PP 7 Mar 1786. at home of Capt. John Barker in Arch, J.P.s for High St. Ward elected. Friendship C. Co. to CCCCP. 16 ? 1786. John Barker member. MCCCCP-1791-1792, pg. 4. 3 Feb. 1791. S. Pancoast applies for aid for widow and children of John Barker, 6 pounds. Adm #88:1789. inventory carpenters tools 21.17.0 - accts. of debts owed and paid. ----------------------- "The Building of Christ Church," page 144, has note on book which he authored entitled, "The Measurer's Guide," at one time in the library of Christ Church. ----------------------- PA Gazette 8/4/1779 - #27418 Barker re-elected to Committee for City and Liberties. Article cites greatest number of voters ever known and carried by largest majority. PA Gazette 11/27/1782 - #30758 Captain Barker one of many officers commended in address by commanding general of the Pennsylvania militia during the Revolution. PA Gazette 12/28/1785 - #2766 James Pearson, John Barker and Levi Budd among signers of petition to State Assembly for renewing charter of Bank of North America. ----------------------- Prime Directory: Lists as carpenter (estate of) April 12, 1790, in Pennsylvania Packet ----------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1789-4-37 Calling on widow of John Barker for Book of Prices. Managing Committee Minutes-1790-4-44 Getting Book of Prices from the widow Barker. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1791-11-4 Samuel Pancoast makes application for relief of widow and children of John Barker; order drawn in her favor for 6 pounds. Managing Committee Minutes-1806-15-47 Joseph Morris states that the widow Barker is in want of some relief. Managing Committee Minutes-1807-15-86, 151, 165, 178 (Three payments of $15 and two for $20 to widow Barker.) David Flickwir reported that he had visited the widow Barker and found her in want of some assistance and furnished her with 1/2 cord of wood for $15. Managing Committee Minutes-1811-15-272 David Flickwir and Alphonso Ireland are appointed a committee to call on the administrator of the estate of widow Barker respecting payment of funeral expense. Managing Committee Minutes-June 12, 1991 Report by Historian emeritus: The John Barker who helped compile the inventory (of William Williams's estate) was probably the Treasurer (1793) of the Congress Hall project on Independence Square on which Williams worked and which he probably designed. (Copy of report in Williams's file.)

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Since Mr. Barker died in 1791, these sales must be to settle his estate.