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Ferguson, Ebenezer


Ebenezer Ferguson (or Furguson) was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1786, but he left Philadelphia shortly thereafter. Ebenezer was a veteran of the American Revolution and served in the Pennsylvania militia.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Builders, a project of Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss and Thomas Stokes

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Warden, 1794

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61 George St. (1799) (Prime)


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Shippen St. near 3rd


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects 287. A master builder elected to the Carpenters' Company in 1786; he left Philadelphia shortly thereafter. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. ----------------------- Prime Directory: Listed as carpenter April 7, 1790 in Pennsylvania Journal; Shippen St., Southwark (1796); 61 George St. (1799) ----------------------- e-mail from Melissa Renn tells of portrait (copy in file) showing Ferguson in his militia uniform; portrait at Fogg Art Museum in Boston. Probably by James Peale - not Charles Willson. ----------------------- City Directory - 1805 - Ebenezer, justice of the peace, 72 George 1810 - Ebenezer, justice of peace, 40 George (Southwark) 1814 - Ebenezer, justice of the peace, 229 S. 3rd 1820 - Ebenezer, head inspector of lumber, and justice of the peace, 46 George, Southwark 1824, 26 - Ebenezer, head inspector of lumber and justice of the peace, 63 Shippen City Directory - 1830 - Ebenezer Ferguson, justice of the peace and inspector of lumber, 65 Shippen St. ----------------------- Pew rental records of Pine Street Presbyterian Church (at Presbyterian Historical Society) show he paid pew rent on May , 1799 and other times. ----------------------- PA Gazette 3/20/1799 - #13125 Member of a committee expressing thanks to Robert Wharton who with a guard endangered their lives putting down a riot and near escape of prisoners from, presumably, the Walnut St. prison during the yellow fever epidemic. Guards at the prison had fled to avoid contracting the fever. A gripping story. ----------------------- Donna Rilling's speech to Carpenters' Company Tells of financial aspects of Ferguson's career as a builder. ---------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1786-3-98, 116 Robert Allison proposed Ebenezer Ferguson; Ebenezer Ferguson elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1796-7-102 Ebenezer Ferguson (late Warden) informs the Company that he has been charged with two fines for not warning a member who had moved into his district without his having knowledge thereof. The Company agreed to remit the same. Managing Committee Minutes-1819-17-3, 4 An order being drawn in favor of Ebenezer Ferguson for $200 being the balance of $400 which was agreed to loan him. On motion resolved: that the Collector be instructed to have Ebenezer Ferguson's mortgage and bond recorded. Managing Committee Minutes-1821-18-48, 50, 63 Application was made by Ebenezer Ferguson for the loan of $1200 and a committee was appointed to examine into the security and report. It was resolved that the committee do agree to loan Ebenezer Ferguson $400 on a property situated in Shippen st. near 3rd, provided the said property is clear of all encumbrances. Application was made by Ebenezer Ferguson for the loan of $400. Managing Committee Minutes-1823-18-146, 147, 148 An application was received from Ebenezer Ferguson for loan of a sum of money from the Company. Another communication from E. Ferguson applying for money as a present relief. $15 for relief of E. Ferguson. Managing Committee Minutes-1825-18-202. 218 John O'Neill reported having received by the hand of William Wagner $48 of E. Ferguson on account of interest. Resolved: that the Chairman be directed to write to E. Ferguson and inform him that unless the interest on the money borrowed from him from the Carpenters Company be punctually paid, the committee will be under the necessity of collecting the principal with interest. Managing Committee Minutes-1826-18-237 John O'Neill reported that he received $96 from Ebenezer Ferguson which he paid over to the Treasurer. Managing Committee Minutes-1827-18-267 William Govett reported he received $48 from E.Ferguson on account and paid the same to the Treasurer. Managing Committee Minutes-1830-18-357 $48 from E. Ferguson interest on bonds. Managing Committee Minutes-1831-18-412 An order was drawn in favor of E. Ferguson for $40 amount agreed to loan him on his note for 90 days. Managing Committee Minutes-1833-18-485 $34 interest from E. Ferguson. Managing Committee Minutes-1836-18-542, 547 It was agreed on motion resolved: that Messrs Maule and O'Neill be a committee to inquire into Mrs. Ferguson's case. It was resolved that Ebenezer Ferguson be allowed $20 for present relief, and that he be recommended to the Company at their next meeting to place him on the list and be allowed $20 per quarter. from: Donna Mae Work workdm28@yahoo.com 3580 W 194th St Homewood IL 60430 phone: 708-798-2319 Ebenezer Ferguson is the brother of my GGGGGM Margaret Ferguson Taggart. They're father was Samuel Ferguson b.1723 (Northern Ireland)- d.1785 (Hanover Twp Lancaster Co PA). Ebenezer Ferguson was a Revolutionary War veteran who lived in Southwark Twp after the Rev War. He was born in 1755 and died in Southwark in 1836 at the age of 81. At Philadelphia, he joined the PA militia and served as 1st Sgt in the 3rd Battalion commanded by Col John Cadwallader from Jun to September 1776. When he was discharged from service he moved with his father in Dec 1777 to Shippensburg in Cumberland Co and entered the same class of militia there. He was called to service in Col Samuel Culbertson's Battalion from March to mid July 1778. When he was discharged he moved with his father again to Marsh Creek in York Co and again entered the same class of militia there. In Nov 1779 he was called to the Barrens of York and put in charge of 100 men to build a stockade for British POWs captured from Burgoyne's and Cornwallis's armies. After his father Samuel died in 1785, Ebenezer returned to Philadelphia and his name appears on the List of Members published in the 1786 Rule Book of the Carpenter's Co of the City and County of Philadelphia. He resided in Southwark Twp and is present on the census 1790 to 1830. It appears from the census record that he married and had children but this info is unknown to me. Your database gives his death date as 1836. Any information that you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.

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