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Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila Architects, page 339. The master builder John Harrison (II) was the son of John and Mary Harrison (q.v.) and the brother of Joseph (q.v.) and Daniel (q.v.) Harrison. According to Pastor Eric Bjork, John (II) and Joseph helped their father complete Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, DE, in 1698, and both are known to have worked at Gloria Dei Church, Philadelphia, the following year. Like his father, John Harrison appears to have specialized in finer carpentry. He received substantial payments for work at Christ Church in 1711 and for "Inside Work of the State House" in 1741. Admitted as a freeman of Philadelphia in 1717, John Harrison may have been a founder of The Carpenters' Company. Doubtless familiar with the London craft companies from discussions with his father, Harrison would have favored the 1705 ordinance "for restraining those that are not admitted freemen of this city to keep open Shopes, or be master workmen." However well intended, the freedom requirement appears to have been more honored in the breach. Since the freedom requirement could not be enforced, the crafts petitioned "to be Incorporated the better to serve ye Publick in their respective Capacities." In February of 1726/7, a group of master carpenters -- including John and Joseph Harrison -- formed The Carpenters' Company. Unfortunately, all the early Company records were lost during the Revolution. What we know of The Company prior to the 1760s is but fragments from unofficial sources. Harrison died in 1760, and his friends and colleagues Thomas Boude and Joseph Thornhill (q.v.) inventories his estate. They noted that he owned "Four Book of Devinety four of Architecture. . .2.0.0." Thomas Boude was bricklayer related both to State House and Christ Church. (See article "The Building of Christ Church," page 134, in this file. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila Architects. Volume at Carpenters' Hall and The Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Extensive listings.
*An Original Associator, one of 10 men who formed the Company in 1724.

*Birth date determined by research of Spencer Roach.

*In "Philadelphia - Three Centuries of American Art" Harrison married Catherine Conoyhall at Christ Church on February 27, 1727. Christ Church Records, Marriages, p. 4053.

*THE HARRISON LINEAGE - see notes under "Comments" with Joseph Harrison, who died in 1734.

*PA Gazette 7/25/1754 - #4672 Selling lot and two-story brick house near Batchelor's Hall and extends to Queen St. Harrison is living in 3rd St. PA Gazette 7/17/1760 - #4672 All persons indebted to the estate of John Harrison, deceased, to be adjusted by Susannah Harrison.

*See photos in Joseph Harrison file of pulpit which he carved for Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, DE.

*Hannah Roach paper, page 9aa John Harrison, brother of the Joseph who died in 1734, worked with John Thornhill on repairs to the Court House, 2nd & High sts. ------------------------- Hannah Roach paper, page 11aa Good paragraph on various Company members who worked on State House.
*Hannah Roach paper, page 13aa Comments about his work on Christ Church. "Philadelphia Preserved" - page 67 re: work on steeple.

*"The Building of Christ Church" page 133 Credited with design of "old" Christ Church.

*(Hannah Roach) Tax list, 1756, Mulberry Ward, John Harrison, carpenter, 16 pounds.

*Hannah Roach John Harrison, listed as a carpenter in Mulberry ward in 1756, with a ratable estate of 16 pounds (PGM, XXII, 30). Will dated 24 April 1760 and proved 30 June 1760, Phila. Will Book L, 470 #300:1760. Was a brother of the Joseph Harrison who died in 1734. Inventory of John Harrison's estate includes "Four Books of Devinety four of Architecture. . .2.0.0 and sundry Carpenters tools . . .10.0.0." Admitted freeman 27 May 1717, paid 0.5.6 Spouse died November 12, 1779. R:227

*See this man's folder for extensive reprints on work at Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, by his forebears. Also, material on construction of house at 708 South Front St., still standing in 2000. House was built for the daughter of John Harrison (Carpenters' Company member) by his son, Daniel, who was not a member. Elizabeth Harrison married the Rev. Enoch David. She died before Enoch and her one-half share of the house at 708 descended to her children.

*See notes from David Wolfe - Daniel was not a company member as he suggests.

Grantor File Data from the City of Philadelphia Archives:
(Date; Book; No.; Page; Grantee)
1683/1739; F; 8; 152; Cash, Caleb
1683/1739; E; 7-Sep; 303; Britain, Lionell
1683/1739; F; 2; 251; Paschall, Benjamin
1683/1739; F; 10; 91; Macky, John
1683/1751; F; 9; 339; Bradley, Edward
1739/1751; G; 7; 118; Danby, Sarah
1751/1766; H; 14; 496; Beeve, John
1751/1766; H; 3; 312; Moore, Samuel P.
1777/1800; D; 10; 374; Cochran, James
1777/1800; D; 11; 154; Phillips, John
1777/1800; D; 18; 312; Nash, William
1777/1800; D; 15; 2; Harrison, Jr., John
1777/1800; D; 48; 360; Brown, William
1777/1800; D; 47; 66; Cooper, James
1815/1819; MR; 15; 521; Bettle, Samual

*Also in folder is a card from the Overman family.

Grantor Records Notes

See note on earliest John Harrison.