Garrigues, Edward



Garrigues, Edward


Edward Garrigues was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1793. He was proposed for membership by Samuel Pancoast. Edward served on the Board of Health during the yellow fever outbreaks in the 1790s.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Builders, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss and Thomas Stokes.

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Mary Ralph


See William Garrigues file

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Secretary, 17981800

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1795-99

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86 High St. (1791) (Prime)


9th St. near Vine


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 297. A master builder elected to The Company in 1793. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. ------------------------------ See also information on Samuel Garrigues in Dissertation by Donna J. Rilling, chapter 4, page 37. ------------------------------ Hannah Roach notes: Edward was President of Board of Health in 1790's and handled much of Company's relief during epidemics. ----------------------------- Prime Directory: Listed as carpenter at 86 High St. (1791, 1800); also 71 Walnut St. (1789); Cherry St. (1794-1800); North Alley (1796). ---------------------------- City Directory - 1820 - Edward B., druggist, 6 N. 6th; dwelling 39 Cherry Edward, Jun., 155 South 2nd. 1824, 26 - Edward, merchant, 92 Union City Directory - 1830 - Edward Garrigues, Jr., merchant, 92 Union St. 1840 - Edward B., merchant, 153 High; home 185 N. 7th. ---------------------------- Hannah Roach-APS: cards on Edward, Fancis, Issac, Jacob, John, Matthew, Samuel, William. ------------------------------ Information gleaned from Company records on Garrigues family. 1793 Samuel Pancoast proposed Edward Garrigues. Edward Garrigues is elected. Edward Garrigues is authorized to expend any sum not exceeding forty dollars for their present relief, they being much affected with the awful visitation of the epidemical (yellow) fever which has afflicted our city for some time past. 1795 Edward Garrigues appointed to collect rents. Edward Garrigues notified the Company that at the next meeting he should propose a new form of certificate of membership on a larger scale. 1796 At a quarterly meeting: on motion, resolved: that William Roberts, William Powell, Joseph Norris, Edward Garrigues and James Pearson be a committee to get a suitable device prepared for the use of the Company. 1797 Edward Garrigues frequently the only one of the committee to attend meetings during the malignancy (yellow) fever epidemic. 1800 William Garrigues proposed Edward Forepaugh. Edward Garrigues proposed Samuel Garrigues. Samuel Garrigues NOT elected. 1806 The Collector reports having received of William Garrigues $48., it being interest for the money loaned. 1807 James Pearson and William Garrigues are appointed to value the plaster wall between Edward Tilghman and the store occupied by the Custom House. The Committee to wait on Mrs. McPherson reporting Mrs. Johnston's child, reported that the indenture is canceled and they have put the child to William Garrigues. Joseph Morris is requested to inform William Garrigues that the Committee will give $10 toward clothing Jane Johnston. 1811 The President is requested to draw an order on the Treasurer in favor of William Garrigues for $53.71 for measuring carpenter work on new building. 1814 William Garrigues elected vice president 1821 Committee to settle a difference between William Garrigues and A.C. Ireland respecting bill of measurement. 1842 Edward Garrigues request. Edward Garrigues letter. Edward Garrigues resignation accepted. --------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #339; filed October 6, 1819; no record of satisfaction William Haydock & Co. vs. Samuel Garrigues. Claim for $268.32 against a three story brick house situate on the east side of 9th street near Vine street adjoining on the north by a house belonging to Wiliam C. Hancock and on the south by a house belonging to and owned by the said Samuel Garrigues. --------------------- Item on ISAAC B. Garrigues, doubtless a family member City Records D.S.B. book #343; claim filed July18, 1828; satisfied June 11, 1829 (with his signature) Isaac B. Garrigues vs. Stephen Fotteral. Claim for $444.83 against a four-story store No. 70 north Front street occupied as an auction store by Michael Nisbet. City Records D.S.B. book #343; claim filed December 12, 1828; satisfied April 9, 1829 (with his signature) Claim for $360.69 being for marble work & materials furnished. ---------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1793-5-68, 74 Samuel Pancoast proposed Edward Garrigues; Edward Garrigues elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1800-8-93, 116 Edward Garrigues proposed Samuel Garrigues; Samuel Garrigues not elected.

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Grantor Records Notes

Also, listings for Esther Garrigues to Barbara Sheaff (1809-1815. H, 13, 641); Edward B. Garrigues to William Dawson (1830-1836, AM, 11, 659) and James Dean (663). Listings continue from Grantor Index page 46 - 50. Also, Elizabeth Garrigues to Thomas Tucker (1839-1842, GS, 17, 462. Francis Garrigues (pages 59 & 60) show both Jr. and Sr. Listings for Samuel Garrigues in late 18th century.

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Also listings for Isaac B. and John.