Simes, Samuel



Simes, Samuel


Sameul Sims was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1794. He died the next year. Samuel Simes, or Sims, was a member of the company for around a year. There are multiple listings in the Philadelphia Directory between 1785 and 1794. In 1785, there lived a Samuel Sime on Front street between Lombard and South streets who worked as a cabinet maker. In 1791, Samuels Sims lived at 237 South Front street and was listed as a joiner. Samuel lived at the same place in 1793 but was listed as a house carpenter. In 1794, his address was 157 Spruce street and he was again labeled as a house carpenter. According to the Managing Committee Minutes of 1793, John Wilson (elected in 1788) proposed Samuel Simes and he was elected. This contradicts his election date of 1794 and sets it at the previous year. In 1798, three years after Samuel’s death, the Company directed that his children “be placed at school-same for Mosley’s children; widow of George Mosley will board them at three dollars a week.” It is unknown how Samuel Sims and Joseph Sims (elected in 1810) are related.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Builders, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Thomas Stokes and Roger W. Moss.

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Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects on page 726 spells the name "Sims." See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. -------------- Prime Directory: Lists Samuel Simes as a house carpenter at 237 S. Front St. (1793) and 157 Spruce St. (1794). Also a listing for Samuel Sims as a joiner at 237 S. Front St. (1791). --------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1793-5-68, 82 John Wilson proposed Samuel Simes; Samuel Simes elected. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1798-11-100 Children of Samuel Simes to be placed at school - same for Mosley's children; widow of George Mosley will board them at $3 a week.

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