Summers, George



Summers, George


Born in Philadelphia, the master builder George Summers was elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1795. He married Lydia Wright (b. 26 March 1777) in 1794.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Builders, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss, and Sandra L. Tatman.

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Philadelphia, PA

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5/21/1794, Christ Ch.

Spouse Name

Lydia Wright

Spouse Born



Andrew, Lydia, Thomas, Margaret W., George W., Caroline




Hannah Myers


Ms. Linda Summers Lamirand
D. R. Jones (

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Office Held

Secretary, 1815-17
Warden, 1799,1800,01

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1802,05-09
Managing Committee, 1812-14,18-20

Business Address

106 Lumbery St. (1794, 1800) (Prime)


505 Delancey St. (demolished)


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 776. Master builder elected to The Company in 1795. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. --------------------- City Directory - 1805, 10, 14, 20 - George, carpenter, 25 Powell. ---------------------- Poulson's American Daily Advertiser, 29, September 1823. George Summers, formerly of Philadelphia, died 27 September 1823 at Camden, NJ. ---------------------- "Philadelphia Preserved" (page 32) 505 Delancey St. N.E. corner Reese St. Built 1796 by George Summers and Joseph Worrell; demolished 1964. ---------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1794-7-21 Robert Allison proposed George Summers. Managing Committee Minutes-1795-7-31 George Summers elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1806-15-9, 47 Committee to loan money on mortgage to George Summers. An application of George Summers to loan some money of the Company's on mortgage; Jacob Lybrand and Daniel Knight are a committee to make the necessary examination of the security offered by him. Resolved: that the committee loan George Summers the sum of $700, it being the amount of the bond and mortgage which he is to transfer to the Company, with an indemnifying bond annexed thereto. On the application of Joseph Morris to loan $300 to George Summers for $400 (money expected to be paid into the treasury), therefore resolved that the committee agree to the same provided the security offered are deemed sufficient. Managing Committee Minutes-1808-15-107 George Summers reports that the bond and mortgage of RAPHAEL PEALE house in Powell st. and presented the same, which was ordered recorded. NOTE: Address of Peale's house 24 Powell, from City Directory of 1810; he listed as portrait painter. Managing Committee Minutes-1809-15-161 The secretary is requested to call on George Summers and request him to pay the balance of bond with interest due the Company. Managing Committee Minutes-1823-18-132, 135, 1 An application from G. Summers was made for the loan of some money which on deliberation, was agreed to refer to the next meeting of the Company. $32 present relief of G. Summers. $30 for funeral expenses of G. Summers. Committee to call on widow Summers. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book # 336; filed October 10, 1814; no record of satisfaction George Summers vs. John Griffith. Claim for $223.97 against a house in Third street near Spruce, for carpenters work done. ----------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #337; judgement filed February 2, 1815; satisfaction acknowledged by atty for Carpenters Company. The Carpenters Company of the City and County of Philadelphia vs. George Summers. DSB $350 judgment of bond on warrant of atty. dated January 25, 1815 conditioned for the payment of $175 in one year from the date hereof with lawful interest from the 25th of the present month of January, 1815. ------------------------ City Records D.S.B. book#339; judgment filed November 2, 1829; satisfied by Joseph Eberth (with his signature) December 13, 1821. The Carpenters' Company vs. George Summers. City Records D.S.B. $1000 judgment of bond and warrant dated August 26, 1818 rendered for the payment of $500 lawful money aforesaid within one year from the date hereof together with lawful interest twice yearly for the same. ----------------------- Ms. Lamirand' correspondence, in file The "GGG granddaughter" inquires: Was he the builder of the trinity houses on Summers Court (now Beck St.)? George's father, Andrew was buried from there in 1806 (from #15, now 215). ---------------------- PA Gazette 1/9/1799 - #13013 Company members joined a large group of citizens representing wards of the city "to search out where late (yellow fever) prevailed and remove to the city hospital infected bedding and clothing for fumigation and washing." Item describes the process of "cleansing city" ward by ward. Robert Evans and John Rugan from South Mulberry Ward; William Stevenson of New Market Ward; George Summers and Joseph Wetherill from Southwark. --------------------- E-mail in file: Both Albert Balleau and Joseph Trexler were carpenters. I believe George Summers is the father/gfather of Albert.

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