Gray, David



Gray, David


David Gray was elected to the Carpenters’ Company in 1801 after being proposed for membership by Alexander Steel. In the 1805 city directory he was listed at 162 N. 5th street and in 1814 he was listed at 137 N. 5th street. In 1799, Gray was paid a little over 44 pounds by Elizabeth Powell for constructing a new necessary house behind City Tavern. In 1801 Powell again paid Gray to change the tavern’s entire roof form, remove the front pediment, make dormer windows, shingle the roof and other repairs. For this work Gray was paid 506 dollars.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes

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168 N. 2nd St. (1794) (Prime)


Managing Committee Minutes-1801-8-140 Alexander Steel proposed David Gray. --------------- City Directory - 1805 - David, carpenter, 162 N. 5th. 1814 - David, carpenter, 137 N. 5th --------------- PA Gazette 9/21/1791 - #8232 Asks owner of black mare with 3 white feet and star on the forehead to claim her. Owner must pay charges. Living near the Upper Ferry on Schuylkill. ------------- From HSR on City Tavern (Penney Bactchelor page 26) Elizabeth Powel "paid David Gray in 1799 for carpenters work and materials - L44.1.1 for a new necessary house behind the City Tavern." Elizabeth Powel paid David Gray on 11/30/1801 to change the entire roof form, removing the front pediment and pay D. Gray $506.96 in full for making dormand (dormer) windows, shingle the roof and other repairs at the City Tavern. (Note change in currency between 1799 and 1801) Listed as house carpenter - 168 N. 2nd Street --------------