Trimmel, Cornelius



Trimmel, Cornelius

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Managing Committee, 1830-32

Business Address

442 N. Front St. (1799, 1800) (Prime)


City Directory - 1810 - Cornelius, carpenter, 105 Budd. 1814 - Cornelius, carpenter, Poplar above Front City Directory - 1830 - Cornelius Trimnul (sic.), inspector of lumber, 3 Rogers court. 1835 - Cornelius Trimnul (sic.), inspector of lumber, 8 Emlens court. 1840 - Cornelius, laboror, 8 Emlen's court. ------------------------ Managing Committee Minutes-1803-9-36 Cornelius Trimmel elected. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1840-134 Managing committee ordered to equalize quarterly allowances of Abraham Colladay and Cornelius Trimmel. ----------------------- City Records D.S.B. book # 335; filed June 13, 1811; acknowledged satisfaction April 10,1812. Cornelius "Trimmels" (spelling different from signature book) vs. Sophia Wood. Claim for $1,300.44 filed against a certain two-story stone messuage, back buildings and lot of ground with the appurtenances situate on the west side of the Germantown road near the five-mile stone. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #335; filed February 4, 1813; satisfied November 3, 1813 Cornelius Trimnell (another spelling variation) vs. John Dainty. Claim for $272.30 against a frame house annd kitchen situate on the west side of Front street adjoining Isaac Coal's lott in the Northern LLiberties. For carpenters work done and lumber furnished said house and kitchen. --------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #338; filed February 26, 1819; record of satisfaction unclear Josiah Rogers vs. Cornelius Trimmel and 6 other defendants. Claim for $304.40 against a certain brick building known by the name of the New Market Street Baptist Meeting House and also against the said building which is erected on a lot of ground 40 feet front on Second street and extending in depth to Cablelane or New Market street and owning the property now in the tenure of Samuel Wiseman, for lumber.

Defendant/Sheriff's Sale Notes

Eliza (1815