Eberth, Joseph



Eberth, Joseph


Joseph Eberth was a master builder elected to the Carpenters’ Company in 1805. He served a Warden from 1816-1818. Eberth was also a member of the Book Prices Committee from 1817-1826 and 1827-1830. Finally, he was on the Managing Committee from 1819-1821 and again in 1831 until his death the same year. He resided at 143 Vine street.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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Office Held

Warden, 1816-18

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1817-26,27-30
Managing Committee, 1819-21,31-33

Business Address

210 N. 5th St. (CD) (1830)


City Records D.S.B.#337; filed December 27, 1816; satisfied March 4, 1819 Joseph Eberth vs, Abram Kreider. Claim for $100.33 against a two story brick house and back building on the west side of Third street between Branch and New streets for work and materials in building said house. -------------------- (See George Summers listing) ------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #342; judgment filed April 16, 1827; satisfied July 6, 1827 (with his signature) Joseph Eberth vs. Philip Coldwater. Judgment entered in bond and warrant of attorney dated 4 April 1827 for $300, conditioned for the payment of $150 on or before the 4th April 1828 with lawful interest. ----------------- City Directory - 1810 - Joseph, carpenter, 149 Vine Catharine, widow (of whom ?), 143 Vine 1820, 24 - Joseph, carpenter, 143 Vine City Directory - 1826, 30 - Joseph Eberth, measurer of carpenters work, 210 N. 5th St.; dwelling house 143 Vine St. ----------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1820-18-35 Relief of Joseph Eberth. Managing Committee Minutes-1821-18-39, 41 In favor of Joseph Eberth $10.56 it being cash paid for renewing James Corkrin's policy of insurance. . . Joseph Eberth having offered to loan the Company $500 for the purpose of extinguishing the debt due the Farmers & Mechanics Bank. It was resolved that the same be accepted, and a note be given to him for the same. Managing Committee Minutes-1823-18-143 As the note for $3500 will become payable on the first of August next, J. Eberth having offered to loan to the Company on their note at six months $2000 at 6 percent, the interest payable semi-annually. Which was on motion resolved to accept and the same to be applied to reducing to said note at the Farmers & Mechanics Bank. Managing Committee Minutes-1831-18-399 Committee to call on the sister of Joseph Eberth. Charles Hicks and R.H. Smith were appointed a committee to call on the sisters of Joseph Eberth, deceased, to obtain the Book of Prices.