Hurst, Henry



Hurst, Henry


Henry Hurst was a master builder elected to the Carpenters’ Company in 1807. According to the 1813 City Directory, Hurst resided at 300 Sassafras street (race street) and worked as a carpenter. The 1816 Directory listed a Henry Hurst as a grocer living at 195 North 3rd street. The very close proximity of these two addresses reveals the possibility that Hurst changed professions around this time and lived on the corner of Race and 3rd street. It is also possible that Henry Hurst the grocer was a relative of Henry Hurst the carpenter. Minutes of the Carpenters’ Company mention a financial request from Hurst’s recently widowed wife living in Lancaster city. Henry Hurst disappears from the Philadelphia Directories after 1816 possibly dating his family’s removal to Lancaster.  After his death in 1831, the Company heeded his widow’s request for help with the funeral expenses. A Company committee looked into her situation and recommended that she be put on the widows' list at $15 per quarter.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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300 Sassafras (CD) (1810)


City Directory - 1810 - Henry, carpenter, 300 Sasafras ---------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1834-18-503, 511 A communication was received from the widow of Henry Hurst, deceased, asking for assistance toward defraying the funeral expenses of her late husband. On motion: an order be drawn on the Treasurer for $30. Committee to inquire into the situation of the widow of Henry Hurst. Managing Committee Minutes-1835-18-516,528, 538 The committee to whom was referred the application of widow Hurst, late of Lancaster city report: That they have inquired of respectable persons in that city as to her character and circumstances, and have received such information as will warrant them in recommending her to be put on the widows' list at $15 per quarter. A communication was received from widow Hurst asking information relative to the manner in which she is to receive her allowance from the Company. Accompanyhing her communication was a bill for schooling her two children. $34 allowance and bill for schooling for widow Hurst. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1847-235 Resolution that case of widow Hurst be referred to Managing Committee.

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Also listings for Harriet Hurst on page 158 of Grantor book H.