Mitchell, James



Mitchell, James


James Mitchell was a master builder elected to the Carpenters’ Company in 1809. He was probably the son of Company member Benjamin Mitchell who resided at 229 Arch street. In 1799, James Mitchell resided at 231 Arch street but had moved to the corner of Cherry and 7th prior to 1810. In 1814, he was listed at 8 Old York Road, a major roadway connecting Philadelphia to New York. He last resided at 13 Pratt street and died in 1851. According to an obituary of his son, Joseph Eastburn Mitchell, posted in the Journal of the Franklin Institute, vol. 95, James Mitchell ran a business that manufactured and imported grindstones and grindstone fixtures. He started James Mitchell & Son in 1810. Joseph E. Mitchell took over the company in 1851.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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Treasurer, 1836-42

Committee Membership

Managing Committee, 1819-21,25-27,32-34

Business Address

231 Arch St. (1799) (Prime)


City Records D.C. Liens book #414; filed September 16, 1871; satisfied November 7, 1871 James A. Mitchell, possibly a son, is listed on pages 28 and 29 (and elsewhere) as follows: Peter Keller and Richard Coffay trading and Keller and Coffay, vs. James A. Mitchell and Benjamin Slonaker, trading as Mitchell and Slonaker, owners and contractors. Claim for $1160. for paint and work done against 16 3-story brick dwelling houses (No. 1 being used as a store) with 2-story back buildings attached and lots of ground, beginning at the southwest corner of Front & Somerset streets and extending for 242 feet, each with 16 foot front and 58 feet 3 inches in depth. -------------- In member file is digital Xerox from Library Co. of his membership certificate, signed by George Ingels (President) and Cornelius Stevenson (Secretary) -------------- A second claim for $450, same plaintiffs, against 18 adjoining 3-story brick dwelling houses and lots of ground, beginning on the southeast corner of Hope and Somerset streets, extending for 238 feet. -------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1809-9-174 James Mitchell elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1828-18-307 $3 for James Mitchell's Book of Prices returned. ----------------- City Directory - 1810 - James, carpenter, corner Cherry & 7th 1814 - James, carpenter, 8 Old York rd. City Directory - 1850 - James, carpenter, 13 Pratt.

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Numerous other listings; some for Jacob.