Gilder, John



Gilder, John


John Gilder was a house carpenter elected to the Carpenters' Company in 1811. He had served an apprenticeship under Peter L. Berry. Their written agreement for the apprenticeship insinuated that Gilder also went to night school to learn arithmetic and drawing during his apprenticeship. According to the City Directory, Gilder moved frequently as an adult. In 1810, he lived at 8 Clever Alley. In 1814, he's listed at 161 S. 10th street. In 1824, his address was 155 S. 11th street. By 1830, he had moved to 329 Pine street. Five years later, in 1835, he resided at Spruce near Broad street. In 1840, he was at 7 Belmont Row. Finally, in 1845 his address was 154 N. 5th street. His occupation in the City Directory had also changed from house carpenter to measurer. Gilder served extensively in the Carpenters' Company first as Secretary, then as Vice President, and finally as President. He also served on the Managing Committee in the 1820s and on the Book Prices Committee for 23 years.

Written By Tom Stokes. Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site. A Project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

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Deceased Date


Date Elected


Office Held

President, 1833-35
Secretary, 1827-29
Vice President, 1830-32

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1826-49
Managing Committee, 1820,24-26

Business Address

329 PineSt. (CD) (1830)


Dissertation by Donna J. Rilling, Chapter 4, page 14 House carpenters who served formal apprenticeships reputedly attended night or quarter school to acquire the rudimentary arithmetic and drawing skills deemed appropriate for design and construction. . . When house carpenter Peter L. Berry took John Gilder, Jr., as apprentice, he agreed that John was "to have as much time of winter nights to go to School as the Father wishes, he paying for the same." --------------------------- City Directory - 1810 - John, carpenter, 8 Clever Alley 1814 - John, carpenter, 161 S. 10th 1824, 26 - John, carpenter, 155 S. 11th City Directory - 1830 - John Gilder, house carpenter, 329 Pine St. 1835 - John, carpenter, Spruce near Broad Sts. 1840 - John, carpenter, 7 Belmont Row. 1845 - John, measurer, 154 N. 5th. --------------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #343; filed December 19, 1827; satisfied August 7, 1828 (with his signature) John Gilder vs. David Thompson. Claim for $534.23 against a certain two story brick building situate on the west side of 11th street about 45 above the north side of Pine street in the city of Philadelphia. Being for labour and materials found in and about said building. --------------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #343; filed March13, 1828; satisfaction not noted. John Gilder vs. John Sturm. Claim for $600 against a certain two storied brick house situate on the north side of George street between 13th and Juniper streets for materials furnished and labor performed in and about said building. ------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #345 (see second item under James R. Greeves) ------------------- City Records D.C. Liens; filed October 4, 1837; satisfied April 27, 1838 John Gilder vs. Isaac L. Lloyd. Claim for $4976.01 for carpenters work against 17 4-story brick houses situate on the south side of Market street between Schuylkill 7th and 8th streets, whereof 10 are in one line adjoining each other between Schuykill 7th & Howard streets, five others are in one line adjoining each other east of Howard street between the said Howard street to a certain alley of the width of 14 feet or thereabouts and two others in one line adjoining each other east of the said alley between the same and a certain builidng known as the Plough Tavern. (On the same page is a detailed listing of how the claim is "apportioned.") -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens; two claims filed June 12, 1838; both satisfied July 26, 1838 (with his signature) John Gilder vs. Isaac L. Lloyd. Claim for $1077.52 for carpenters work against a four story house at the southwest corner of High & Oak streets containing 25 feet on High street by 20 feet more or less on Oak street. Claim for $427.39 for carpenters work against a threestory dwelling house situate on the west side of Oak street, commencing 37 feet north of High street, containing in front on said Oak street 24 feet and in length or depth 20 feet more or less. ------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1810-9-198, 212 William Garrigues proposed John Gilder; John Gilder elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1820-18-8 In favor of John Gilder for $119.61 for the use of William Coles so much loaned him. Managing Committee Minutes-1832-18-438 The Committee on Surplus Funds report: that they have loaned $1000 to John Gilder the usual searches having been made and the Judgment Bond handed to Treasurer and the Mortgage left to be recorded. Managing Committee Minutes-1833-18-470 Joseph Strahan reported he received $30 interest from J. Gilder due 30th, May.

Grantor Records Notes

On page 133, there are six transactions in sequence.