Parham, John



Parham, John

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John, Jr.

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62 South 11th St. (CD) (1835)


Donna Rilling's speech to Carpenters' Company 4/1990 Refers to Parham as one of Company's successful house carpenters. ---------------- City Directory - 1810 - John, carpenter, Walnut near 10th 1814 - John, carpenter, 71 S. 11th Also listings for Joseph, lumber merchant, Walnut near 9th, dwelling 80 S. 11th; and Robert, cabinetmaker, 18 Keys Alley. 1820 - John, carpenter, 62 S. 11th Joseph, carpenter, 176 Locust City Directory - 1835 - John Parham, house carpenter, 62 S. 11th. 1840 - John, carpenter, 8 Union Square. 1845 - John, carpenter, Schuylkill 8th below George. John, Jr., carpenter, Schuylkill 8th below George. 1850 - John, carpenter, Schuylkill 7th above Lombard 1854 - John, carpenter, Lombard near 16th ---------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1812-9-228 John Parham elected. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1842-160 Report on disagreement between Jonathan Johnson and John Parham. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1847-233, 234 Resolution that Managing Committee are authorized to loan John Parham $100. Resolution that Managing Committee be held personally responsible for John Parham's loan.

Grantor Records Notes

More listings for Joseph than John.