Parham, John



Parham, John


John Parham was elected to membership in the Carpenters' Company of Philadelphia in 1812. He is most notable for the letter to Nelson Barksdale, Proctor of the University of Virginia, preserved in the Thomas Jefferson Papers, University of Virginia: . . . I have been a Master Carpenter in this city for 17 years, and served eight years as an apprentice to my business, and have 5 apprentices myself, at a time. I have built very largely for many persons in the city, and have erected some of the finest buildings the city can boast, particularly those in Chestnut Street opposite the Academy of Fine Art. I have built lately for the following Gentlemen. viz. Captain Dunlap, Thos. Pratt Esq., Capt. Hardy, Burton Wallace Jr. I have been regularly bred to Architecture, and would therefore be of service as a draftsman. My assortment of tools and architecture works are very extensive, and I would if engaged bring them with me. As you require certificates in regard to capability, I would produce them from the Old Carpenters Hall, Wm. Strickland, archt. of the U.S. Bank etc. . . . Parham's interest in the budding University of Virginia construction was elicited by an advertisement that appeared in Philadelphia newspapers under the heading "Workmen Wanted." Written by Sandra L. Tatman. Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

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John, Jr.

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62 South 11th St. (CD) (1835)


Donna Rilling's speech to Carpenters' Company 4/1990 Refers to Parham as one of Company's successful house carpenters. ---------------- City Directory - 1810 - John, carpenter, Walnut near 10th 1814 - John, carpenter, 71 S. 11th Also listings for Joseph, lumber merchant, Walnut near 9th, dwelling 80 S. 11th; and Robert, cabinetmaker, 18 Keys Alley. 1820 - John, carpenter, 62 S. 11th Joseph, carpenter, 176 Locust City Directory - 1835 - John Parham, house carpenter, 62 S. 11th. 1840 - John, carpenter, 8 Union Square. 1845 - John, carpenter, Schuylkill 8th below George. John, Jr., carpenter, Schuylkill 8th below George. 1850 - John, carpenter, Schuylkill 7th above Lombard 1854 - John, carpenter, Lombard near 16th ---------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1812-9-228 John Parham elected. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1842-160 Report on disagreement between Jonathan Johnson and John Parham. Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1847-233, 234 Resolution that Managing Committee are authorized to loan John Parham $100. Resolution that Managing Committee be held personally responsible for John Parham's loan.

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More listings for Joseph than John.