Clark, James



Clark, James


James Clark was a master builder in Philadelphia who reportedly taught architectural drawing at the Franklin Institute. He is listed in the Philadelphia city directories as a carpenter with a residence at 8 Nicholson's Court from 1814 to 1826, appears in 1831 with an address at 453 Arch Street; and in 1833, his last citation, an address at 4th and Poplar streets is given. Clark was elected to the Carpenters' Company in 1813 and served as Warden in 1823. He was also a member of the Book Prices Committee from 1822-26 and the Managing Committee from 1824-26.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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Warden, 1823

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1822-26
Managing Committee, 1824-26

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Shackamaxon above Bedford, Kensington (CD) (1840)


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S. side Poplar east of 9th Street


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 148. A master builder in Philadelphia who reportedly taught architectural drawing at the Franklin Institute. His son was Edward Clark (q.v.). ---------------------------- See Clark Jr., for possible address information. City Directory - 1810 - James, carpenter, Hoffman's Alley. 1814, 20, 24 - James, carpenter, 8 Nicholson's court. 1826 - James, house carpenter, 10 Nicholson st. City Directory - 1840 - James, gentleman, Shackamaxon above Bedford, Kensington. ---------------------------- Dissertation by Donna J. Rilling, chapter 4, page 21 Various payment methods could intertwine. James Clark completed Stephen Girard's house in August 1825 and was paid by measurement, with an additional $461 allowed for "sundry jobbing." --------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1828-18-296 James Worrell reported: the Arcade stock transfer and received $2,067.50, being the amount due by James Clark to this Company. --------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #335; filed January 17, 1812; satisfied September 13, 1817. Claim for $120. filed against a certain four story brick house situate on Broad St. east side about 80 feet from the corner of Chestnut St. in the Cityof Philadelphia. (for carpenter work done and performed.) -------------------- City Records D.S.B. book#343; filed February 7, 1828; satisfaction not legible James Clark vs. The Phila. Arcade. Claim for $1831.46 against all that certain building situate in the city of Philadelphia between Chestnut and Carpenters street and Delaware 6th and 7th streets called the Philadelphia Arcade. Being for carpenters' work done and performed. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #400; filed March 18, 1842; satisfied with judgment James Clark (to the use of Philip M. Price) vs. Henry Quig. Claim for$774.12 for work and materials against a 3-story brick house and lot or piece of ground situate on the south side of Poplar street at the distance of 35 feet and 5/8 of an inch eastward from the east side of 9th street. ------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #400; two claims filed May 3, 1842; satisfied January 17, 1843 James Clark (to the use of Philip M. Price) vs. Edward S. McGlue(?). Claim for $101.38 for carpenter work against a3-story brick dwelling house on the north side of Poplar street at the distance of 54 feet eastward from the east side of Lewis street in the District of Sping Garden. James Clark (to the useof Philip M. Price) vs. Cromwell P. Weaver. Claim for $266.86 for lumber against a 3-story house on the north side of Parrish street 119 feet 3 inches and 7/8ths westward from the west side of 13th st.

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Grantor Records Notes

Clark family listings get murky, since "A" and "Jr." are probably not consistently used in the Grantor index.

Defendant/Sheriff's Sale Notes

Listing for John. James lost a total of 7 properties in 1838. Lost five properties in 1843-44.