Greeves, James R.



Greeves, James R.


James R. Greeves was a master builder and lumber merchant in Philadelphia elected to the Carpenters' Company of the same city in 1824. He served as a Warden of the Company from 1830-32. Greeves was a prominent lumber merchant in Philadelphia. In 1830, he lived at 220 Pine street and his lumber yard was located at Pine and 8th street. James R. Greeves passed away in 1870.

Bio from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site,  project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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Warden, 1830-32

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220 Pine St. (CD) (1830)


City Directory - 1830 - James R. Greeves, lumber merchant, 220 Pine St., James R. Greeves & Co. lumber yard, corner Pine & 8th St. Henry Greeves, house carpenter, 492 Race St. City Directory - 1835 - James R., lumber merchant, South above 8th. dwelling house 173 S. 7th. 1845 - James R., gentleman, SE Schuylkill 6th and Chestnut. 1850, 54 - James R., gentleman, 510 Chestnut. (Name in capital letters; first directory where this is used, probably at extra cost over regular listing.) ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #345; filed September 24, 1831; satisfied April 18, 1832 James R. Greeves and James Andrews vs. James Ritchie. Claim for $143.17 against a certain two story brick building situate on the west side of Leber (?) street between Fitzwater and Catharine streets in the township of Moyamensing being the 6th house south from Fitzwater streets, containing 16 feet in front & 16 feet in depth, for lumber furnished and delivered. A second claim against James Andrews for the same amount against the house next door. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #345. Three claims for lumber filed January 25, 1832; various dates of satisfaction. One of the men sued is John Gilder, presumably a Company member. All the houses are located on the south side of Spruce street between Juniper and Broad street ; the houses are 18 feet front and 34 feet in depth on 100 foot lots. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #345. Four claims for lumber filed May 12, 1832; satisfied May 31, 1832. All three story brick houses on the east side of Schuylkill 6th street between Linden and Barker streets adjoining property of James P. Lyle. Each claim is against a different owner. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #345.Three claims for lumber filed November 6, 1832 against three different owners; satisfied at different dates. Two claims against three story brick buildings: one on the south side of Chestnut street between Schuyllkill 6th & 7th streets; a second on the north side of Arch street the second house east of Juniper street; a third against a building adjoining the first claim. For lumber furnished. --------------------- City Records D.S.B. book#345. Claim against two houses on the east side of 6th street, the 5th and 6th buildings south of Shippen street. One claim for $359.19 filed January26, 1833 against Samuel Alexander; the other claim for $359.19 against the same owner.

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A member with many listings, including (on page 126) 13 transactions in a row.