Harmstad, George R.



Harmstad, George R.

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Lawrence Harmstead, Sr.


Sarah Furthermore

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13th above Pine St. (CD) (1830)


House at 425 South 13th. St.; also row of houses on
1237-1247 Lombard St. (See "Comments")


See booklet in "George Harmstead"member file. Documents his relationship to these structures; also his relationship to Linnards, who owned a lumber yard at 11th & Pine Sts. (Cross-referenced under "Linnard"). In these documents the name is spelled "Harmstead," although his signature (page 229 at APS) clearly is "Harmstad." E-mail from O.K. Associates (infile) The Hermstadt (original family name) has had several variations in spelling throughout the years. The family ws originally from Hamburg, Germany and immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1752. The ones that survived later immigrated to Pennsylvania around 1757. Since immigration to America, the family's surname has changed many times to include: Harmstadt, Hermstad, Harmstead, Harmstad, Armstead, Armstad, Etc. Tha majority of the family used the surname Harmstead, but as you can see, there are lots of other versions depending on the times, locations, accent of the individual giving the information, and the interpretation of the information recipient.. -------------------- Letter from O.K. Associates (in member file) "George had a brother, James H. who was a cabinet maker. His cousins, Lawrence, Samuel and Joseph were carpenters. Perry, Henry, Harry, and Edwin were also his cousins but of differing professions". Second letter from O.K> Associates (in file) Secondly, since our last correspondence, we have discovered that George R. Harmstead is actually the son of Lawerence Harmstead Senior and Sarah Furthermore, Lawrence, Samuel, Joseph, Perry, Henry, Harry and Edwin were actually his brothers. ------------------- written by C.G. Karsch 2007 George R. Harmstad (elected 1828; deceased 1863) In the 19th century, members of the Company

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Also listings (page 318) for James Harmstad.