Copeland, Samuel



Copeland, Samuel


Samuel Copeland was a master builder elected to the Carpenters' Company of Philadelphia in 1831. He served the Company as Warden and Secretary as well as on the Book Prices and Managing Committees. Copeland was listed in the Philadelphia Directory at 201 Sassafras Street. He died in 1860.

Biography from thePhiladelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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Deceased Date


Date Elected


Office Held

Secretary, 1843,44
Warden, 1837-39

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1845-49,51-55
Managing Committee, 1840-42,45-47

Business Address

201 Sassafras (CD) (1830)


S. side Wistar St. W. of 11th Street
see "comments" for additional locations (not clear)


Dissertation by Donna J. Rilling, chapter 4, page 18 Builders and clients drew extensively on the houses around them for room plans and decorative elements. When house carpenter Samuel Copeland and his partner Samuel Brown (a tailor) agreed in 1835 to build houses on land owned by the wealthy brewer George Pepper, the specifications for the buildings were left much to the discretion of the builders. Copeland and Brown agreed simply that "all the houses which shall front on Tenth and Eleventh Streets shall be at least three stories in height, to have marble water tables and ashlers." To assure the value of the buildings -- and relying more on tangible models than detailed contractual descriptions -- Pepper stipulated further that the buildings were "not to be inferior in size and quality to the houses built by Haas and Myers on Tenth Street." page 19 Bricklayer and client Benjamin Harker also relied on physical models when he engaged Samuel Copeland in 1818 and 1819. Harker wanted shelves in his cellar, and to that end told the carpenter, "'I want you to finish the vault, as Ware's house [next door] is:'" The artisans then "went into Ware's house, and saw the vault." page 50 When Samuel Copeland completed the carpenter work for Harker and Thorn's house, as final touches he "hung the mahogany doors, put down carpet strips . . . planed the floors and built shelves in the cellar. page 58 In 1836, after having missed his building deadline and defaulted on the contract, Samuel Copeland signed the March 1836 statement of master house carpenters alleging that "the time selected [for journeymen to strike] is when their employers have large contracts on hand . . ." --------------------- City Directory - 1810 - Samuel, carpenter, 29 Kunckle above Noble City Directory - 1830, 35 - Samuel Copeland, house carpenter, 201 Sassafras St. 1840 - Samuel, carpenter, 39 N. Schuylkill 8th. 1845, 50 - Samuel, carpenter, Schuylkill 8th & Jones; house Schuylkill 6th above Filbert. 1854 - Samuel, carpenter, 15th & Jones; house Jones above 18th ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #339; filed February 18, 1822; satisfied August 29, 1822 (with his signature) Samuel Copeland vs. Jacob Kyser. Claim $811.50 against two two-and-a-half story houses situated on the south side of an alley called Sheppard (?) Alley leading from Cherry street to Arch street and between 7th and 8th from the Delaware in the city of Philadelphia containing in front 12 feet 6 inches and in depth 16 feet being more or less adjoining John Gullin's (?) property, for lumber. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #343; filed May 9, 1829; satisfied June 9, 1830 Samuel Copeland vs. Henry Faunce. Claim for $411.33 against a certain two story brick house situate in the district of Kensington Northern Liberties containing in front 16 feet and 30 feet deep on the west side of Wood street between Prince and Duke streets, for carpenter's work done to the said house. -------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #347; filed August 20, 1834; satisfied with judgment Samuel Copeland vs. Jesse Stanley, contractor. Claim for $158.14 against a certain 3 story brick messuage or tenement and lot of ground situated at the northwest corner of Race & Jacoby streets in the city of Philadelphia, 20 feet front & 100 feet deep to Wager street, for carpenters work done and materials furnished. ------------------ City Records D.C. Liens book #400; filed April 6, 1842; no note of satisfaction Samuel Copeland vs. Nicholas Biddle et al. Claim for $2000 for carpenters work against a 4-story brick house on the south side of Spruce street at the distance of 22 feet west from the west side of Dugan street. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #402; filed July 5, 1843; satisfied July 14, 1843 Samuel Copeland vs. John Hunter. Claim for $480 for carpenters work against a 4-story brick dwelling house on the west side of 11th street and south side of Sch. avenue. -------------------- City Records D.C.Liens book #402; filed August 26, 1845; satisfied October 22, 1847 Jesse D. Claypole vs. Samuel Copeland. Claim fo $150 for work and materials against all those 3 3-story brick houses situate on the north side of Callowhill street, the first being 133 feet westward from the west side of 11th street, the others adjoining the same and apportioned. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #402; filed March 7, 1846; satisfaction not noted Samuel Copeland vs. George T. Gabell & Albert Hughes. Claim forr $1147.44 for carpenters work and lumber against all those 2, 3-story brick buidings and the lots appurtenant thereto situate on the south side of Wistar street at the distance of 60 feet west from the west side of 11th street , apportioned to each house. --------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #405; claim filed January 28, 1856; satisfied October 1, 1856 Samuel Copeland & Samuel Copeland, Jr., trading asSamuel Copeland & Son vs. Samuel D. Prentzell. Claim for $1,271 for work and materials against 3-story brick building or warehouse situate on the south side of Market street 100 feet eastward from 13th street in front 66 feet and in depth 190 feet to a 20 foot wide alley.

Grantor Records Notes

Page 406-407 of Grantor index lists 4 and 5 transactions in sequence, possibly indicating a row of houses. List below is just a sampling; many more deeds appear in the index

Defendant/Sheriff's Sale Notes

Horatio B. Pennock purchased four properties at sheriff's sale in 1851; Copeland lost three in 1826; lost 6 in 1838.