Haas, George



Haas, George


George Haas was a master builder elected to the Carpenters' Company of Philadelphia in 1833. According to the City Directory, He resided at 10th above Spring Garden. He worked with George Meyers as Haas and Meyers in 1830. Haas died in 1844.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project by Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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10th above Spring Garden (CD) (1835)


City Directory - 1835, 40, 45 - George, carpenter, 10th above Spring Garden. --------------------- Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1845-212 Placing widow of G. Haas on widows' list --------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #344; claim filed January 1, 1830; satisfied Nov. 15, 1830 George Haas and George Meyers trading under the firm of Haas & Meyers vs.Philip Schneck. Claim for $205.50 against a certain two story frame tenement or dwelling house situate on the north side of James street west of 11th street in the district of Spring Garden bounded on the west by ground of ____ Whiteman and on east by other ground of Philip Schneck, for carpenter's work done. --------------------- City Records D.C.Liens; filed October 16, 1839; satisfied Novembe r9, 1839 (with his signature) George Haas vs. George Knorr. Claim for $996.97 against a 3 story frame house and kitchen and stone stable and slaughterhouse situate on a lot of ground on the west side of Jackson street , 154 feet north of Brown street. --------------------- City Records D.C. Liens; filed February 12,1840; no note of satisfaction George Haas vs. John Shetzline. Claim for $150 against a certain 3-story brick kitchen adjoining a 2-story brick house situate on the south side of Brown street 86 feet east from 13th street, for carpenters work done and materials furnished. --------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #400; claim filed April 3, 1841; satisfied April 1, 1843 (with his signature) George Haas vs. John Lowers, dec. Claim for $259.56 for carpenters work & furnishing materials against a certain new 3-story brick dwelling house or tenement and 2-story frame kitchen adjoining in the rear situate on the east side of 12th street between Brown &Parrish streets, in the District of Spring Garden. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book#400; claim filed April 12, 1842; satisfied with judgmment George Haas vs. building committee of Philadelphia Christian Church. Claim for $1545.11 for work and labour done and materials furnished, to wit carpenters work, lumber, bricks, and bricklaying, lime, sand, hardware, stone, plastering, painting, carting and labour against a one story brick meeting house or church situate on the east side of 5th street between Christian and Prime streets in the District of Southwark.

Grantor Records Notes

Also listings for Hannah Haas on page 161 of Grantor H, and Henry Haas on page 166.