Reeves, Stacy



Reeves, Stacy

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Nov. 1849

Spouse Name

Ann Satterthwaite


Albert, Mark, Henry, Ella, Charles, Mary, Rachel




Mary Matlack


Mrs. Jean T. Feer
Ms. Gail Pax

Date Elected


Office Held

President, 1894
Secretary, 1890,91
Vice President, 1892,93

Business Address

No. 207 Bringhurst, Philadelphia, PA


Listed among signers of 1891 charter of The Master Builders and Carpenters, parent organization of G.B.C.A. Address is 1661 Filbert St. ----------------------- Phila. City Directory - 1890 Stacy Reeves (Stacy Reeves & Sons) & pres., 24 S. 7th; Home: 628 N. 16th Stacy Reeves & Sons (Stacy, Albert A. & Henry) builders, 1611 Filbert. Albert A. Reeves (Stacy Reeves & Sons) Home: 1731 Francis Henry Reeves (Stacy Reeves & Sons). Home: 326 Wyoming ----------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #413; filed March 4, 1871; satisfied December 4, 1881 (probably relatives)\ Elwood Reeves, J. Woolman Reeves and and Charles H. Reeves trading under the firm of Elwood Reeves & Sons vs. Jacob Loeser, Jr. Claim for $241.11 for work against a 3-story house with 3-story back building on the west side of 16th street above Oxford at a distance of 111 feet more or less from Oxford extending north 23 feet 3 inches more or less . . . ----------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #424; filed May 24, 1873; satisfied December 10, 1873 Stacy Reeves vs. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, owner. Claim for $8,531.05 for work and materials against a 2-story and basement known as Horticultural Hall and lot of ground and curtilage on west side of Broad street , beginning at the north side of Lardner street and containing in front on Broad street 90 feet and in length west 200 feet, bounded on the north by land belonging to the American Academy of Music, on the east by Broad street, on the south by Lardner street, and on the west by land belonging to John Ellis and the American Academy of Music. ---------------------- "The Philadelphia Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide," March, 1886, page 5. Builders' Permits: "New store front, 1321 Arch St., Stacy Reeves & Sons, 120 N. 13th St." ---------------------- From same publication, March 8, 1886; front page story: "An important meeting of master carpenters and builders was held Wednesday afternoon at the offices of Stacy Reeves & Sons, 120 N. 13th St., to take action in reference to the proposition of the skilled workers to reduce the number of hours of labor. The action which led to this meeting was taken by Carpenters' Union No. 8. Mr. Joseph Cooper acted as president and Thomas Little as secretary. The following firms were represented: William C. McPherson & Sons, Yarnall & Cooper, George Watson & Sons, Stacy Reeves & Sons, Marriner & Buckingham, J.E. and A.L. Pennock, Benjamin Ketchum & Son, James E. Doyle, John Duncan, Kemp & Garrison, James Bradin, Kister & Orum, Adam A. Catanach, Thomas Little & Son, Richards & Shourds, William Devitt & Sons, T.H. Doan, Jacob Myers, Henry Taylor, George Payne & Co., Thos. Marshall, R.Q. Gibbon, Wendell & Smith, and John W. Lenny. . . . ." See clipping for remainder of article. --------------------- Bus. Dir. (APS) 1860, pg. 1023 Reeves & Son, 345 N. 3rd St., cabinetmakers Bus. Dir. (APS) 1878, pg. 165: Stacy Reeves & Son, 1315 Sansom, carpenter Bus. Dir. (APS) 1887, pg. 144: Stacy Reeves & Sons, 120 N. 13th, carpenter & builder request for information on Reeves as members of CCCCP sent 11/3/2014 to: Kathleen Reeves Mehring email:; sherman st., York, PA 17406

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