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Doyle, John

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157 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, PA


City Records D.C.Liens book #408; filed March 22, 1866; satisfied May 22, 1866 John W. Doyle vs. William Foster. Claim for $910.22 for work and materials against all that certain 2-story brick messuage 18 feet front, 42 feet deep and lot of ground on the northwest side of Cherry street and Foulkrod street opposite Margaret street in Frankford, containing in front on Cherry street 50 feet and in depth 100 feet. ---------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #409; filed July 6, 1868; satisfied June 6,1872 John W. Doyle vs. Lewis Fries. Claim for $338.72 for work and materials against against all that certain brick messuage and lot of ground on which the same is erected situate on the northwest side of Main or Frankford street , beginning at the distance of 96 feet 7 inches southwest of Foulkrod street laid out 40 feet wide, containing in front on Main or Frankford 20 feet and in depth northwest 123 feet 10 inches. ---------------------- City Directory - 1850 - John, carpenter, Christian above 12th. 1854 - John, carpenter, 172 N. 17th.