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Fort, James

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1210 E. Norris (?) St., Philadelphia, PA


Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1880-391 James Fort placed on relief roll. --------------------- City Directory - 1850 - James, carpenter, Queen above Ross (Kensington). 1854 - James, carpenter, shop Hanover near Bedford; house Franklin above Wood (Kensington) --------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #403; filed November 22, 1851; satisfied August 7, 1852 James Fort & Charles Cornwell trading as Fort & Cornwell vs. Thomas Huston. Claim for $1086.15 for carpenter work, stone & brickwork, plastering, painting and materials of all kinds, done & furnished as per contract , against all that certain 3-story brick store and dwelling with back buildings situate on the northwest side of Richmond street at the distance of 215 feet northeastwardly from York street in the District of Kensington. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #405; filed July 14, 1855; satisfied September 15,1855 (with his signature) James Fort vs. Sarah Bramwell. Claim for $2,055.60 for work and materials against a 3-story brick store and dwelling house 18 feet front and 16 feet deep with 3-story frame back building and kitchen 14 feet by 32 feet and bath room 8 feet by14 feet and the lot of ground situate on the northwestward side of Queen street 134 feet southwestwardly from Cherry street late district of Kensington, now city of Philadelphia, in front 18 feet and in depth 136 feet.