Rea, Uriah Howell



Rea, Uriah Howell

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Samuel Rea.


Mary Howell

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1731 North 19th Street


City Records D.C. Liens book #412; filed April 28, 1870; satisfied September 2, 1870 (with his signature) U. Howell Rea and Samuel Riley trading as Rea & Riley vs. John Moringar. Claim for $417.50 for work and materials against a 3-story brick house and lot of ground situate on the east side of 26th street, beginning at a point north 87 feet 6 inches from the north side of Poplar street, thence extending north along said 26th street, 16 feet thence east 120 feet. -------------------- City Records D.C. LIens book #417; filed March 6, 1872; satisfied April 29, 1872 James H. Lyons and James Thompson trading as J.H. Lyons & Co., vs. W. M. Bergman, owner, and Uriah H. Rea and Samuel R. Riley, trading as Rea & Riley, contractors. Claim for $188.66 for plumbing and gas fitting against a 3-story brick building with 3-story back building and lot of ground and curtilage east side of 21st street 16 feet south of Sharewood street, containing in front on 21st street 34 feet 8 inches more of less and in depth eastward 90 feet 8 inches. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #417; filed July 18, 1872; satisfaction not noted U. Howell Rea and Samuel R. Riley trading as Rea & Riley vs. The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Hall Association, owner. Claim for $2924.03 for carpenter work against a 4-story brick building and store located on the south side of Spruce street, being No. 602, 20 feet west from 6th street, being 18 feet front by about 100 feet in depth. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #423, page 97; filed April 7, 1874; satisfied June 5, 1874 W.W. Rea (probably a relative) shown as contractor for a 3-story brick building on the northwest forner of 27th and Huntingden streets, extending along Huntingdon 62 feet 3 1/2 inches. . . -------------------- Bus. Dir. (APS) 1860, pg. 1024: Rea & Riley, 631 Filbert, carpenter Bus. Dir. (APS) 1878, pg. 165: Rea & Riley, 627 Filbert, carpenter ------------------- Phila. city directory - 1890 Rea & Riley (U. Howell Rea & Samuel R. Riley), builders, 627 Filbert St. U. Howell Rea (Rea & Riley), h: 1731 N. 19th St. Jan O. Paulson 410-871-9956 2005 Old Westminster Pike Finksburg MD 21048 ancestor_info: Uriah Howell Rea is the brother of my GrGrGrandfather Jeremiah Rea, an engraver in the city of Philadelphia. His parents are Samuel and Mary Howell Rea. Uriah appears in census recs from 1850-1900. Died 31 Jul 1909 in Philly. Buried at Mt Peace. message: Trying to research both lines of his parents, Samuel Rea and Mary Howell. Believe his mother was widowed early and brought her children up by herself. She lived with Uriah later in life. I have a copy of Uriah's death certificate.