McCaul, Charles



McCaul, Charles

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422 North 11th Street


3rd floor added 1890 to Philosophical Hall; later
removed (1948)
Land Title Bldg., 100-118 S. Broad St.
"Head House," Reading Terminal, 12th & Market Sts.
Drexel Institute, Main Bldg., 32nd & Chestnut Sts.


Listed as a signer of the 1891 charter of the Master Builders and Carpenters, parent organization of the G.B.C.A. Address listed as 422 N. 11th St. ------------------------ "Philadelphia Preserved" Page 92. Contractor for addition of 3rd floor to Philosophical Hall, 104 S. 5th St. Later removed. Page 133. Contractor for northern 15-story building and one-story connection built 1897-98 by contractor Charles McCaul. Page 138. Contractor for Reading Terminal "Head House", corner of 12th & Market Sts., built 1891-93, Charles McCaul, general contractor. Page 206. Contractor for Drexel Institute (now Drexel University) main building, 32nd & Chestnut Sts., built 1890-91. --------------------- Bus. Dir. (APS) 1878, pg. 164: Charles McCaul, 1010 Hunter, carpenter Bus. Dir. (APS) 1887, pg. 143: Charles McCaul, 20 N. 11th, carpenter --------------------- Phila. City Direcctory - 1890 Charles McCaul, carpenter, 1010 Highland. Home:422 N. 11th St.