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Description: Carved front from Hammormans Loft Old Saint Nicholas Kirk Dalkeith Midlothian Now in Royal Museum Edinburgh Gift of Scottish Historic & Research Society of Delaware Valley & friends of Robert Smith - January 14, 1991
Item type: Dalkeith Scotland

Description: Decorative dark wood ornament with large flower carved in the center. Medallion. (See Bldg. Records database #3039)
Item type: carved ornament

Description: Cast iron brand used for branding Company Windsor chairs. "CARPENTERS' CO."
Date: c. 1790
Item type: brand

Description: cast steel center bit
Item type: center bit

Description: Cast steel center bit.
Item type: center bit

Description: Cast steel center bit.
Item type: center bit

Description: cast steel center bit
Item type: center bit

Description: cast iron grate--Rust evident on interior of back border. One of two "hooks" on back is broken off.
Item type: cast iron grate

Description: gift from Charles Hollenback in 1994; medal struck to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Carpenters' Hall
Date: 1970
Item type: medal for 200 anniversary

Description: Chisel marked "Cast Steel" , 8" blade, homemade handle on chisel found in Carpenters' Hall, second floor apt., under kitchen floor. also a cut nail from period. (work done in 1857)
Date: 1850-80
Item type: chisel and iron nail

Description: Chisel without a handle; point is not sharp. The object is very rusty.
Item type: chisel

Description: Punch; possibly iron. The end of the tool flares to blunt wedge. Steel hammer headed pitching tool; punch
Item type: punch

Description: Printing Plate. Circular engraving is placed in middle of square wooden block, printing plate. Around the seal, the wood has been roughly carved away. The seal is surrounded on four sides by fourteen silved rectangles of varying thicknesses. This is…
Item type: printing plate

Description: Tack puller manufactured by C.S. Osborne, Newark, N.J. Claw Formed in shape.
Item type: tack puller

Description: free-standing coat rack with bobbin turned center pole and four turned and splayed legs. 1 of 2.
Date: c. 1900
Item type: coat rack

Description: free-standing coat rack with bobbin turned center pole and four turned and splayed legs. 2 of 2. Patent date on circular metal piece at the top with the actual coat hooks is: December 25, 1888
Date: c. 1900
Item type: coat rack

Description: The framed ribbon commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of George Washington- Feb. 22, 1832. Portrait within a shield. Above rising sun of CCCCP's and below compass and square. Gilt frame.
Date: c. 1832
Item type: framed ribbon

Description: Commemorative coin minted in Rhode Island for the Year of French Rochambeau Bicentennial Celebration 198-81. Coin is in original cardboard folder.
Date: 1980-81
Item type: commemorative coin

Description: 8" plate commemorating: "Society for the Relief of Distressed and Decayed Pilots - their widows and children; November 1788-1988.
Date: 1988
Item type: commemorative plate

Description: Reproduced by John Wanamaker Dept. Store c. 1910. 2 of 2 chairs. mahogany arms and legs. brass studs. Two-thirds of leather remaining on chair back, muslin and horsehair exposed on chair arms. webbing and horsehair exposed on chair seat. wheels…
Date: c. 1910
Item type: armchair

Description: Reproduced by John Wanamaker Department Store c. 1910. 1 of 2 chairs. Dismantled by INHP Museum Operations in 1971 for study purposes. wood exposed on left arm. muslin exposed on chair back, bits of original leather still remaining. muslin removed on…
Date: c. 1910
Item type: armchair

041_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
040_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Cooper's borer; tool. Steel borer with wooden handle.
Date: early 20th C.
Item type: Cooper's bunghole borer

Description: cooper's borer; tool. tapers to spiral and then to a point at the tip. early, hand-forged
Date: c. 1800-1850
Item type: cooper's bunghole borer

129_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
130_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Cooper's Bung. Tip is broken off. Hand-forged.
Date: first half of 19th C.
Item type: cooper's bung

036_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
035_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
034_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
033_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: adze with wooden handle. iron head- very rusty. wrought steel with original wooden handle. cutting radius 3 5/8"
Item type: adze

Description: Copper plate depicts bespectacled man wearing Carpenters' Co. Badge accepting or presenting a certificate from or to the man seen in CCCCP-179 and CCCCP-180. Plate has many small scratches on its left side.
Item type: copper plate

Description: Copper plate with attached Wooden Block. Upper portion of plate is broken off at angles in both top corners. Plate has raised letters.
Item type: copper plate

Description: Printing plate and accompanying wooden block. Bottom of wooden block attached to the copper plate is two-toned. 1 of 4.
Item type: copper plate

Description: Copper printing plate attached to a wooden block. Visible on the plate are seven men in uniform and a man in a suit also seen in CCCCP-179 and CCCCP-181. 2 of 4 plates.
Item type: copper plate

Description: Copper Plate. On the top half of the plate, there are three groups of two "pales," eachof the six a different style. The groups are labelled, "Fig. 1," "Fig. 2" and "Fig. 3." The gate is labelled as such. The engraver has made it appear that both its…
Item type: Engraved copper plate

Description: Copper plate engraved with images of Plate #XI in Carpenters’ Company 1786 Rule Book, “Window Shutters.” Two images on the one copper plate. back of plate appears to have ink residue.
Item type: copper plate

Description: Copper Plate. Three designs are reproduced as plate XVIii in the Carpenters' Co. Rule Book of 1786, listed as "Extra Heavy Paneled Doors." Dark discoloring on the back. Fragments of 5 other designs are inscribed on the back. They are similar to those…
Item type: engraved copper plate

Description: Engraved copper plate. All six designs on the copper plate are same size and shape externally. Within the semi-circular frame, the designs vary from very simple to very ornate. Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 are depicted as plate XIII in the Carpenters' Company…
Item type: engraved copper plate

Description: Thin copper plate. All six designs are shown as plate IX in the Carpenters' Company Rule Book of 1786. They are described as "doorjambs."
Item type: Engraved copper plate.

Description: Copper Plate. The shiny side of the plate has designs which are seen as plates XV and XVI of The Carpenters' Co. Rule Book of 1786. They are described as "Trussed Partitions" and "Paneled Door Details." The six designs on the duller side are seen as…
Item type: engraved copper plate

Description: Copper plate is attached to wood block with six small nails. the plate itself is scratched and has pinkish tone when lighted. shreds of paper are stuck to the back of the wooden block.
Item type: copper plate

Description: Copper plate with photographic image of men in uniform standing behind three men in suits- one facing the viewer's right, one wearing a Carpenters' Co. badge and one holding a shovel scratches are visible on the plate itself. The image was…
Item type: copper plate

Description: Copper and Wood Printng Block. Photographic image portrays interior east view of Carpenters' Hall, with doorway, pillar and chairs. The copper plate is scratched and worn.
Item type: copper plate

Description: copper plate-see "markings"
Item type: copper plate

Description: 1 of 5 copper plates copper worn down at top of page.
Item type: copper plate

Description: Copper plate attached to wooden block--copper stops abruptly below Betts' name and wood is exposed.
Item type: wooden block with copper plate used for printing

Description: Copper Plate. The two designs on the shiny side are printed as plate XX in the Carpenters' Co. Rule Book of 1786. They are described as "Dog-leg'd or Plain Open Newel Stairs." The very detailed designs on the dull side are not found in the Rule Book.
Item type: engraved copper plate

Description: Engraved Copper Plate. One design is of a fireplace; the other is a detail. Both designs are reproduced as plate XXVII of the Carpenters' Co. Rule Book of 1786. They are listed as "Georgian-style Chimneypiece in wood."
Item type: engraved copper plate

Description: Copper plate with two engravings. These engravings are Plate XXVIII of The Carpenters' Co. 1786 Rule Book. They are labelled as "Fig. 1" and "Fig. 2." Fig. 1 railing is composed of diagonal lines crossing within a rectangle. Fig. 2 railing is…
Item type: engraved copper plate

Description: Copy of property deed matted in white and framed in wood painted black with gold trim.
Item type: Carpenters' Company Property Deed (photographic print)

Description: Corinthian column capital, other of pair to be used in exhibit wood carving See Bldg. Records Database #3039
Item type: capital, composite wood carving

Description: Parade photograph of C.Co. Sept. 15, 1887. model of Corinthian Temple, for Constitutional Centennial. Copy of July 4, 1788 exhibit. Carved wood frame.
Date: 1887
Item type: framed photograph

Description: Engraving of St. Paul's Cathedral after Christoper Wren's original intention. Presented to George, Prince of Walse [III] by "Sam. Wale Jr. Gwyn" [?] Published London, 1837, by John Weale Architectural Library, 59 High Holborn I. Gwyn Architecturam…
Date: 1837
Item type: framed engraving of St. Paul's Cathedral

Description: blade for mallet-headed trimmingdouble-edged cutting tool. one edge broken- one tooth missing?
Item type: blade for mallet-headed trimming

Description: Blade for mallet-headed trimming. The blade itself has a double-sided cutting edge with ten teeth on either side.
Item type: blade for mallet-headed trimming
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