Cox, John T.



Cox, John T.


John Cox was a master builder elected to membership in The Carpenters' Company in 1797. The existence of several men of this name (or Coxe) in late eighteenth-century Philadelphia makes positive identification impossible. The carpenter John Cox lived on South fifth street from 1797 until 1804. In 1804, he was listed as a carpenter living on Spruce above 7th. In 1806, he had moved to Ninth near Walnut and in 1807 he was listed at 212 Pine street where he remained until his death in 1813. The remains of John T. Cox and his wife Harriot were removed from their original interments at the the First Baptist Church’s old burial grounds to Mount Moriah Cemetery in 1860. Cox’s headstone notes that was 46 at the time of his death thus putting his date of birth around the year 1767.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Thomas Stokes and Roger W. Moss.

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possibly - Richard Yarnall (see Hibberd Y. file)

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117 Spruce St. (1791) (Prime)


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects 171. A master builder elected to the Company in 1797. Several men of this name in the late 18th century Philadelphia makes positive identification impossible. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. ---------------------- Prime Directory: Lists as carpenter, 117 Spruce St. (1791); south 5th St. (1793-94-97-1800). ---------------------- City Directory - 1805 - John, carpenter, Spruce above 7th 1810 - John T., carpenter, 212 Pine (same man ?) ---------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1797-7-116, 127. Isaac Carlisle proposed John Cox; John Cox elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1797-7-163 Request of John Cox that he might be continued on the minutes as a member elect until the next meeting was heard and agreed to. Managing Committee Minutes-1808-15-103 The committee to examine the property of John Cox report that it would not be advisable to remove the mortgage. Managing Committee Minutes-1813-16-14 Calling on the widow Cox to get Book of Prices and inquire if she is in need of assistance. Managing Committee Minutes-1821-18-44, 70 Application was made for clothing for the youngest child of John T. Cox. $6.39 for schooling William Cox. Managing Committee Minutes-1822-18-83, 89, 104 $19.97 for clothing and boarding the son of John T. Cox, deceased. $5.75 for tuition of William Cox. $18.75 for boarding William Cox. Tuition, books and stationery for William Cox $4.36. Managing Committee Minutes-1823-18-120,139, 148 $5.46 tuition and books for William Cox. $4.92 tuition and stationery for William Cox. Tuition and stationery for William Cox Managing Committee Minutes-1824-18-171 $5.23 schooling and books for William Cox. Committee to inquire whether there are any funds to pay for the boarding of William Cox. Managing Committee Minutes-1825-18-212, 215, 227, 228 $9.71 two quarters schooling for William Cox. Application of John Hutchinson to pay $100 on account of John Cox's bond and mortgage. $6 for clolthes for William Cox. $8.65 schooling for William Cox. Managing Committee Minutes-1826-18-242, 243, 252 $4.53 tuition of William Cox. John O'Neill reported he had attended to entering satisfaction on the bond and mortgage of John T. Cox. $40.75 for boarding and shoes for William Cox.

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