Perkins, Isaac



Perkins, Isaac


Isaac Perkins was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1798 after he was proposed by Conrad Bartling. He died in 1808.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Thomas Stokes. 

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Managing Committee Minutes-1797-7-140, 162 Conrad Bartling proposed Isaac Perkins; Isaac Perkins elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1813-16-37 Committee to attend to the children of our late member Isaac Perkins. Managing Committee Minutes-1806-15-15, 16 On representation of George Summers, it appears the wife of Isaac Perkins is in want of assistance. Isaac Perkins' wife in great want, and Committee gave her $13.50 to enable her to go to her husband in the city of Washington. Managing Committee Minutes-1808-15-130, 131, 133 Joseph Morris and Jacob Lybrand are appointed to visit the widow Perkins. $30 to pay one quarter's rent and for relief of widow Perkins. $18.10 funeral expenses of Isaac Perkins. Managing Committee Minutes-1809-15-155, 164, 171, 178 $2.75 for schooling widow Perkins' child. $10.50 for schooling widow Perkins three children. $2 for schooling Marie Perkins. $9.75 for schooling widow Perkins' three children. Managing Committee Minutes-1810-15-213, 214 $7.50 for schooling widow Perkins children. $40 for the relief of widow Perkins. Managing Committee Minutes-1811-15-271, 301 $22 for schooling of widow Perkins children. $25 for schooling and clothing widow Perkins children. Managing Committee Minutes-1813-16-6, 10,15, 16, 28, 37 $23.43 for clothing the children of Isaac Perkins. $12.50 for schooling children of Isaac Perkins. Furnishing Isaac Perkins two youngest children with shoes. $6.55 for schooling children of our late member Isaac Perkins. $2 for schooling Evelina Perkins. Putting the daughter of our late member Isaac Perkins to school Committee to attend to the children of late member Isaac Perkins.

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