Gabel, Peter



Gabel, Peter


Peter Gabel was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1799. He was also a founder of the Friendship Fire Company of the Northern Liberties, 1796.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss.

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Peter, Jr. (Prime)

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81 Budd St., N. Lib. (1791) (Prime)


Front St, above Poplar


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 296. A master builder elected to the Company in 1799. He was also a founder of the Friendship Fire Company in the Northern Liberties, 1796. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. Also reference in Scharf & Westcott. ---------------------- e-mail in member file gives details of census information on Peter Gabel. Also, that both Peter and John Gabel fought in the Revolution as members of the Philadelphia militia, 6th company, 7th battalion, 1788, under Lt. Col. William Coats and Captain Conrad Rohrman. ---------------------- e-mail in member file from descendant tells about website where family tree, spouses' names, and burial sites are shown. ---------------------- Prime Directory: Listed as house carpenter, 81 Budd St., N.Liberties (1791); Brown near Budd St. (1796). Also John Gabel, Brown near Budd St. (1798-1800), and Peter Gabel, Jr., house carpenter, Brown near Budd St. (1798-1800). ---------------------- City Directory - 1805 - Peter, carpenter, 40 Brown John (relative ?), carpenter, 451 N. 2nd 1810 - Peter, carpenter, 51 Brown 1814 - Peter, Jr., carpenter, 13 Browne Peter, carpenter, 13 Browne Samuel, carpenter, corner 2nd & Browne 1820 - John, carpenter, 451 N. 2nd Peter, Jun., carpenter, Poplar lane near Front Peter, carpenter, 418 N. Front 1824 - Jacob, carpenter, 21 Browne John, carpenter, 41 Coates Peter, carpenter, 9 Browne Peter, Jun., carpenter, 18 Poplar lane. 1826 - Peter, inspector of lumber, 9 Browne Peter, Jun., house carpenter, 9 Browne City Directory - 1830 - Peter Gabel, inspector of lumber, 9 Browne St. Peter Gabel, Jr., house carpenter, 404 N. Front St. 1835 - Peter, inspector of lumber, 9 Browne. 1840, 45 - Peter, senior, gentleman, 9 Brown; Peter, Jr., carpenter, 3 Brown. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #335; filed January 6, 1812; no record of satisfaction Peter & John Gabel vs. Joseph Grice & Frances Grice. Claim for $1433.53 filed against a certain three story brick house with a two story "bellcony" at the west side of the house is 25 feet front & 38 deep situate in the Northern Liberties on the east side of Penn Street at Point Pleasant. (for carpenters work performed.) --------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #336; filed September 1, 1814; satisfied April 19, 1817 Peter Gabel vs. George Stephens. Claim for $1000 against a three-story brick house 19 feet front and 33 deep, three stories high, situate on the east side of Front Street above Poplar lane and adjoining property of Isaac Coats in the Northern Liberties for carpenter work done. --------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1799-8-49, 59 John Keen proposed Peter Gabel; Peter Gabel elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1828-18-298 Application being made by Peter Gabel for a certificate for measuring carpenters' work and then withdrew and in his absence it was agreed to. Peter Gabel appeared with his qualifications and received his certificate to measure carpenters' work.

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Also, many listings for John Gabel in same period.

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Nothing for Peter; 2 for Percival K. (1891)