How, John



How, John

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Date Elected


Office Held

Warden, 1803-05

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1808-11,17-22
Managing Committee, 1812-14

Business Address

bet. 6th & 7th in Cherry Alley (1798-99) (Prime)


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 394. A master builder elected to The Company in 1800. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Archtects.. ------------------ City Directory - 1805 - John, carpenter, 107 Cherry. 1814, 20, 24 - John, carpenter, 129 N. 4th & James City Directory - 1826, 30 - John How, measurer of carpenters work, 129 N. 4th St. ------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1799-8-67 George Ingels proposed John How. Managing Committee Minutes-1800-8-93 John How elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1808-15-111, 112 The committee on John How's property report that it is sufficient security for the sum of money requested on loan, and the committee agreed to let him have the same. John How presented the Bond and Mortgage and the President is requested to draw an order on the Treasurer in favor of John How for $700 loaned him on the above. Managing Committee Minutes-1809-15-158 John How paid the Treasurer $42 interest due the Company. Managing Committee Minutes-1822-18-88 John M. Ogden reports having received from John How $72 interest money. Managing Committee Minutes-1825-18-211 Resolved: that George Linck be authorized to enter satisfaction on the mortgage given by John How to the Carpenters' Company for $500 dated the 21st day of December 1814. Managing Committee Minutes-1828-18-312 John How (?) reported: that he received of Margaret How $84 being interest on John How's bond. Managing Committee Minutes-1829-18-351 $15 quarterly allowance of Hannah How. Managing Committee Minutes-1830-18-387 For $3.37 in favor of Jesse Williamson, being the amount of sundry expenses connected with RAPHAEL PEALE's and John How's mortgages.

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