Forepaugh, Frederick



Forepaugh, Frederick


Frederick Forepaugh was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1800. He was also an original member of the Humane Fire Company, founded in 1794.

Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss.

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Philadelphia, PA

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7/9/1786 - Phila.

Spouse Name

Mary Dorothea Fox




Mrs. Anne Kessler (see Chas. Kessler, Jr., file)
William Ridge

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Office Held

Secretary, 1807-09
Warden, 1804-06

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1810-11

Business Address

152 N. 2nd St. (1791-99) Prime


Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects page 277. A master builder elected to The Company in 1800. He was also an original member of the Humane Fire Company founded in 1794. See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects. Scharf & Westcott reference here. --------------------------- See correspondence in member file from descedant. See e-mail in file: served as a private in his older brother, George's, 5th Company of the Philadelphia City Militia in the Revolution. Also, born Johann Frederick Forepaugh --------------------------- City Directory - 1805 - Frederick, carpenter, 72 Vine 1810 - Frederick, carpenter, near 273 N. 3rd. 1824 - Mary, storekeeper (possibly his widow ?) 261 N. 3rd. --------------------------- Letter in member file of Charles Kessler, Jr., from Mrs. Kessler tells of family relationship to both Forepaughs who were members of the Company. --------------------------- Donna Rilling's speech to Carpenters' Company Refers to Forepaugh as one of Company's successful house builders. --------------------------- City Records D.S.B. book # 335; Oct. 2, 1811 judgement; satisfied March 4, 1812. Philadelphia Pemberton (?) vs. Frederick Forepaugh. DSB judgement for $1200 by warrant on bond dated Aug. 18, 1808. Conditioned for the payment of $600, payable at the expiration of one year next ensuing the date herein one entire payment with interest for the same half yearly. ---------------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #335; filed Febuary 10, 1813; satisfied August 30, 1815 Wilson & Forepaugh vs. John Seyfert. Claim for $281.25 1/2 against a dwelling house in Saint John's street between Callowhil and Noble streets in the Northern Liberties of the City of Philadelphia for carpenter work done & lumber furnished. (Acknowledged by George Wilson; Forepaugh was deceased) ------------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1800-8-93, 116 William Garrigues proposed FrederickForepaugh; Frederick Forepaugh elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1811-15-293 Daniel Knight and Jonathan Roberts are appointed a committee to wait on widow Forepaugh for the Book of Prices and inquire if she wanted any assistance.

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