Weir, James William



Weir, James William


James William Weir was elected to The Carpenters' Company in 1811. He served the Company as Warden and also on the Managing Committee and Book Prices Committee. Around 1837 he taught architectural drawing at the Carpenters' Company school.

Written by Sandra L. Tatman. Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site. A project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

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Office Held

Warden, 1824-26

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1827,32-34
Managing Committee, 1827-29,32-34,39-41


City Records D.S.B. book #347; filed January 22, 1834; satisfaction not noted James & William Weir vs. George Barrett. Claim for $608.33 against a three story brick house and one story brick kitchen, situate in Washington street 93 feet east of 12th street, for carpenters work and materials. --------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #347; filed June 27, 1834; no note of satisfaction James & William Weir vs. James Scott. Claim for $1695 against a 4 story brick building and lot of ground on which the same is erected at the northeast corner of Schuylkill 6th and High streets containing in breadth on said High street 24 feet and in length 71 feet to a 4 foot alley as a lien on said building for carpenters work done. -------------------- NOTE: Spelling of last name in signature book seems to be "Weer," although these city records clearly spell the name "Weir." ------------------- Athenaeum Taught architectural drawing at Carpenters' Company school c. 1837.

Defendant/Sheriff's Sale Notes

John (1829)