Lancaster, John



Lancaster, John


John Lancaster was a carpenter and lumber merchant elected to the Carpenters' Company in 1811. In the City Directory of 1820 he was listed at 176 N. 4th Street. In 1830, he lived at the same location but had changed listing from lumber merchant to gentleman.

Written by Tom Stokes. Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site. A project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

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99 Callowhill St. (1799) (Prime)


City Records #335; filed August 5, 1812; no record of being satisfied John and Moses Lancaster vs. Joseph Jordan. Claim for $242.98 against four three story brick houses situate at the corner of Front and Federal Sts. in the district of Southwark and County of Philadelphia. -------------------------- See Moses Lancaster data ------------------------- City Directory - 1805 - John, carpenter, 205 N. 3rd. 1810 - John, carpenter, near 172 N. 4th 1814 - John, carpenter, 176 N. 4th 1820, 24 - John, lumber merchant, 176 N. 4th 1826 - John & Moses, lumber merchants, N. 4th near Tammany John, lumber merchant; dwelling 176 N. 4th -------------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #338 (below) and earlier references in City Records D.S.B. books #336 and 337 have claims filed by "Conard and Lancaster" doubtless relatives of these two members - but no first names are used in listings. Conard & Lancaster vs. John Froger. filed March 14, 1818; satisfied April 22, 1821. Claim for $117.54 against two three-story brick houses fronting on a court running from the north side of Brown street between 3rd and 4th street and immediately back of No. 111 Brown street in the Northern Liberties of the city of Philadelphia, for lumber. -------------------- City Records #338; filed March 17, 1819; satisfied May 20, 1822. Claim by same firm for $274.58 against a three story brick house and kitchen situate on the north side of Vine street between 10th and 11th streets in Penn township, for lumber. ------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #339; filed December 24, 1819; satisfied November 26, 1823 Conard & Lancaster vs. Samuel Hass. Claim of $139.64 against a two story brick house situate at the northwest corner of Poplar lane and 6th streets in Penn township, for lumber. (Acknowledge satisfaction of this claim for the late firm of Conard & Lancaster (signed) John Lancaster.) ------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1811-9-212 John Lancaster elected. Managing Committee Minutes-1831-18-413 For $2 in favor of Charles Hicks being for John Lancaster's book of prices, returned by C. Hicks. --------------------- City Directory - 1830 - John Lancaster, gentleman, 176 N. 4th St.

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