Howell, John



Howell, John


John Howell was a house carpenter elected to the Carpenters' Company of Philadelphia in 1814. His residence was on Stirling Alley, currently Orianna street. In 1822, Howell was stricken with paralytic palsy and the Company helped him financially. Following his death in 1829, the Company supported his family by paying for his daughters' schooling, insuring his widow's house from fire, paying for his funeral costs, and purchasing his widow's property mortgage. His relation to the other Howells of the Carpenters' Company is unknown.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings site, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes.

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Sterling Alley (CD) (1810)


City Directory - 1810 - John, carpenter, Sterling Alley 1814 - John, carpenter, 21 Sterling Alley 1820, 24, 26 - John, house carpenter, 76 N. 11th ------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #338; filed July 13, 1819; no record of satisfaction John Howell and Benjamin Wayne vs. George C. Lybrand& Nathan Smith. Claim for $256.64 against two 3 story brick houses on the south side of Arch street between 11th and 12th streets being 9 or 10 houses west of 11th street, for caarpenters work done. -------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1822-18-75, 80, 82, 100, 128 John Howell made application for the loan of $10 whereupon it was resolved to draw an order in his favor for $10, and take his note payable in six months. The President reported that John Howell has been stricken with paralytic palsy and that he has relieved him to the amount of $5, and requested that they appoint a committee to call and see him. The committee to wait on John Howell report that they have relieved him in part, the committee were continued. Managing Committee Minutes-1828-18-308 Application was made by John Howell for a loan of $30 on his note, when on Motion is was resolved to loan him the same, and to draw as order on the Treasurer for $30 in favor of John Howell. Managing Committee Minutes-1828-18-314, 324, 327 $20 in favor of John Howell being for loan on his note. Application was made by John Howell for a loan of $25 on his note, when on motion resolved that an order for that amount be drawn on the Treasurer. $5.05 in favor of M. Devitt and A.M. Morse for schooling John Howell's daughters. An application was made for a loan to John Howell of $15 on his note, when on motion it was resolved to draw an order for that amount. Managing Committee Minutes-1829-18-305, 306, 332, 339, 345, 353, 354 $8.17 for schooling of Frances and Matilda Howell. $2 John Howell's Book of Prices returned. Application was made by John Howell for a loan of $20 on his note, when on motion it was resolved to draw an order on the Treasurer for $20. Resolved: that an order for drawn for $30 in favor of Joseph Worrell being for funeral expenses towards burial of John Howell. $4.48 for schooling the daughters of the late John Howell. $30 in favor of the widow of John Howell for present relief. Application was made by the widow of John Howell for the loan of $13 to enable her to have her house insured from fire. On motion resolved: that an order be drawn on the Treasurer for the amount. Managing Committee Minutes-1830-18-357, 365 $6.54 for schooling widow Howell's daughters. The widow Frances Howell's note of $25 was received and delivered to the Treasurer. Managing Committee Minutes-1831-18-407, 410, 412 $4.68 schooling widow Howell's two daughters. $30 in favor of widow Howell for money loaned on her note. On motion resolved: that the widow Howell's children be placed in a school at $8 per quarter. Managing Committee Minutes-1832-18-450, 451, 452 Application having been made to theCompany by the widow of J. Howell to purchase the mortgage given on her property. On motion resolved: that a committee be appointed to make the necessary examination. The committee to purchase the mortgage on widow Howell's property report: that they have attended thereto and left the mortgage at the office to have the transfer recorded. $420 in favor of theCommitte to purchase the mortgage. $4.50 in favor of J. Weer it being the interest and sundry costs attending the transfer of the widow Frances Howell's mortgage.

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