Darragh, John



Darragh, John


The elusive John Darragh may be tied to the history of Old St. Joseph's Church (1839) on Willings Alley in Philadelphia. A memoir published in 1886 to benefit Old St. Joseph's Church mentioned John Darragh as the architect as well as a member of the building committee. In Philadelphia city directories Darragh emerges in 1828 as a house carpenter. By 1835/36 he also notes an address at 209 South 7th Street, where he remains through 1839. From 1837 through 1839 he lists his occupation as builder. Another lead which further intrigues regarding Darragh is a reference in Dennis Steadman Francis's compilation of architects' listings from the New York City directories. A John E. Darragh appears in New York City from 1887 to 1899 as a member of the firm of R. L. Darragh & Co. No connection between the New York Darragh and the Philadelphia Darragh has yet been found, however. The Philadelphia John Darragh was elected to the Carpenters Company of Philadelphia in 1822.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Sandra L. Tatman.

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209 S. 7th St. (CD) (1830)


St. Joseph's Church


City Directory - 1820 - John, carpenter, 174 Spruce City Directory - 1824, 26, 30, 35 - John Darragh, house carpenter, 209 S. 7th St. 1840 - John Darragh, builder, (NOTE CHANGE), 209 S. 7th. 1845 - John & Son, lumber merchants, SW 13th & Pine; also listing for John, carpenter, Clymer above Mud lane. 1850 - John, merchant, 167 Pine. -------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #339; filed May 3, 1821; satisfied July 13, 1822 (with his signature) John Darragh vs. James Harper. DSB $1000 judgment on bond and warrant of atty dated 3 May 1821 conditioned for the payment of three thousand dollars with lawful interest half yearly for the same on the 3 of May 1822. -------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #342; filed April 21, 1826; satisfied May 9, 1835 in judgment (same page) with his signature. John Darragh vs. Neil Harkins. Claim for $1066 against a certain three story brick house situate on the south side of Prune (?) street between 5th and 6th streets from the river Delaware. Containing in breadth about 17 feet and in length or depth 60 feet more or less. Bounded on the west by an alley, on the east by property now or late of George Shaw on the north by Prune street aforesaid. Being for carpenter work done and materials furnished in and about the erection and construction of said building. ------------------ City Records D.C. Liens; filed May 2, 1839; satisfaction not noted John Darragh vs. The Rev. Thos. Maledy. Claim for $468 for services as architect and against all that brick building called St. Joseph's Church on the (?) side of Willings Alley between 3rd & 4th streets and between Walnut & Spruce streets. ----------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #402; filed September 22, 1846; satisfied January 20, 1847 John Darragh & Richard F. Darragh in co-partnership trading under the firm of John Darragh & Son. Claim for $156.10 for lumber against a 3-story brick house situate on the north side of William street between Schuylkill 5th and 6th streets. ---------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #410; filed January 7, 1869; satisfied September 8, 1869. (a probable descendant) Hugh Stevenson and William Maris trading as Stevenson & Maris vs. Richard H. Darragh. Claim for $477.56 for lumber against all that certain 3-story brick house 18 feet front with 3-story back building and lot of ground on which the same is erected situate on the north side of Vine street 200 feet more or less west of 13th street .. .

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Doubtless a relative of Lydia Darragh, a Quaker woman who overhead British plans to strike Washington's forces at Whitemarsh, slipped through the lines and gave warning of the attack.