Colladay, Theodore



Colladay, Theodore


Theodore Colladay was a master builder elected to the Carpenters' Company in 1823. His relation to the other Colladays of the Carpenters' Company is uncertain. The first segment of his career he lived at 16 Castle street but by 1835 had moved to Madison Avenue. He moved again sometime prior to 1845 to 403 Sassafras street. Finally, he moved to his last known residence, 403 Race street in 1854. Colladay served three terms on the Managing Committee of the Carpenters Company in 1846-48, 1850-52, and 1854-56. He also served on the Book Prices Committee from 1856-59.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes

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Book Prices Committee, 1856-59
Managing Committee, 1846-48,50-52,54-56

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16 Castle St. (CD) (1830)


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City Directory - 1820 - Theodore, carpenter, Castle St. 1824 - Theodore, carpenter, Castle St. City Directory - 1826, 30 - Theodore Colladay, house carpenter, 16 Castle. 1835 - Theodore, carpenter, Madison's Ave. 1840 - Theodore, carpenter, 10 Madison. Note: In this and following Directory are a number of Colladays not members of the Company, but should be investigated when doing family research.) 1845, 50 - Theodore, carpenter, 403 Sassafras. 1854 - Theodore, carpenter, 403 Race