Colladay, Joseph S.



Colladay, Joseph S.

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Charles, Edward (total of four other names not listed)

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Business Address

4 Rittenhouse (CD) (1840)


N. side Walnut St. Bet. 9th and 10th Streets
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City Directory - 1826 - Joseph, house carpenter, 137 N. 8th City Directory - 1840 - Joseph S., carpenter, 4 Rittenhouse. ------------------------ City Records D.S.B. book # 337; filed November 13, 1815; satisfied Nov. 22, 1815 Joseph S. Colladay vs. Michael Sconnard and John Pringle. DSB $868 judgment on bond of warrant of attorney dated the 21st day of Oct., 1815, conditioned on the payment of $430 lawful money aforesaid by installments in three even and equal payments in six, nine and twelve months from the first day of September last together with lawful interest on each of the said installments respectively from the said first day of September last past. ----------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #338; filed February 2, 1819; undated statement of satisfaction Joseph S. Colladay vs. John B. Wallace. Claim for $254.46 against a house on the north side of Walnut street between 9th and 10th streets and the office adjoining, for marble work. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #338; filed February 2,1819; satisfied April 23, 1819 Joseph S. Colladay and Henry Sailor, trading under the firm of Colladay and Sailor. (a second claim against the same building for marble work. ---------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #341; judgment filed June 25, 1822 Contains separate sheet, extract of minutes of the Pike Beneficial Society of the City of Philadelphia, dated July 24, 1826, with the signature of Joseph S. Colladay, Pres. Concerns judgment against George H. Cook for $500. ---------------------- Managing Committee Minutes-1828-18-309 $15.50 for schooling Colladay children. Managing Committee Minutes-1829-18-328, 342, 349 $17 for schooling Joseph Colladay's four children. $9.20 three month's tuition of Charles and Edward Colladay. $10.62 schooling of Colladay children. Managing Committee Minutes-1833-18-459, 466, 478, 479, 480, 485 A communication from the widow of Joseph Colladay was read and referred to the school committee. Tuition of chikldren William & Mary of Joseph Colladay, $4.68. Schooling of widow Colladay's daughter, $8.90; schooling of son $2. A communication from the widow Colladay requesting to be placed on the list of widows and was referred to a committee of two persons - Knight & Ballenger. Placing widow Colladay on the list of widows at $15 per quarter. $2.50 tuition of William Colladay. Managing Committee Minutes-1834-18-489, 492, 497, 501, 504 $8.10 for schooling widow Colladay's daughter. $15 quarterly allowance of widow Colladay. $2 for schooling widow Colladay's son William. $15 quarterly allowance of Widow Colladay. $2.12 tuition of William Colladay. $15 quarterly allowance of Widow Colladay.