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McClure, John


John McClure was a master builder of Philadelphia elected to the Carpenters' Company in 1839. He served on the Carpenters' Company Library Committee from 1854-1857. In 1835, McClure was listed at 64 Spruce street in the City Directory. The Directory from 1840 listed him as a carpenter working out of Vine and Schuylkill 8th and living at the South West corner of Spruce and Perry. Much of McClure's work was done in Germantown.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings. A project from the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Tom Stokes

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Library Committee, 1854-57

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64 Spruce St. (CD) (1835)


Carpenters' Co. Minutes-1880-385 Application of Anna McClure. ---------------------- City Directory - 1835 - John McClure, carpenter, 64 Spruce. 1840 - John, carpenter, Vine & Schuylkill 8th; house 194 Cherry. 1845 - John, carpenter, Vine & Schuylkill 8th; house SW corner Spruce & Perry. 1850 - same data; name all in capital letters, first directory in which this is noted; probably extra cost to "advertiser." 1854 - John, carpenter, Sycamore above Spruce; house SW corner Spruce & Perry. ----------------------- Athenaeum List of dates and addresses, including notation (1859) of same address as J. McArthur, Jr. ----------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #338; filed March 10, 1818; satisfied Sept. 20, 1818 John McClure vs. John Navel. Claim for $279.41 against a one story frame blacksmith shop also a two story frame coachmaker's shop and other work situate on the west side of Germantown main street for carpenters work and materials. ----------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #339; filed December 16, 1819; satisfied July 12, 1820 John McClure vs. Thomas & Philip Kelly. Claim $1800 against a 2 story stone barn 36 feet by 50 feet and a one story stone dye house 20 feet by 40 feet situate on the east side of Germantown main street in the county of Philadelphia, for carpenters work. ----------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #341; filed March 29, 1824; sattisfied but no date noted John McClure vs. John P. Johnson. Claim for $158.27 against a certain house situate in Germantown in the county of Philadelphia on the west side of the Germantown main street and adjoining lands of Abraham Unrugh and ______ Hottenstein, a 16 feet wide lane and the said Germantown main street - being for carpenters work done and materials provided for said house. ---------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #410; filed April 17, 1869; satisfied April 3, 1871 William J. Given vs. James W. Cloud, owner, and John McClure, contractor. Claim for $141.90 for work done and materials furnished in and about the repairs, alterations and additions to a 3-story brick building with 2-story brick back building and the lot of ground situate on the south side of Callowhill street 81 feet 8 inches east of 20th street, containing in front 16 feet 8 inches and in depth 120 feet to Carlton street, the said back building being 12 feet in breadth and in depth 20 feet.

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