Williams, John



Williams, John

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President, 1866-68
Secretary, 1860-62
Vice President, 1863-65
Warden, 1854-56

Committee Membership

Managing Committee, 1857-59,62-64

Business Address

7 Rudolph's Court (CD) (1830)


City Directory - 1830 - John, house carpenter, 7 Rudolph's Court 1835 - John, lumber merchant (same man ?), Green above 9th. 1840 - John, carpenter, NW corner 3rd & Catharine 1845 - John, carpenter, 112 Catharine. 1850 - John, carpenter, Pearl above Schuylkill 8th. 1854 - John, carpenter, 41 Nagle -------------------- City Records D.S.B. book #342; filed October 20, 1826; satisfied March 13, 1827 (with Johnson signature) John Williams and William Johnson trading under the firm of Williams & Johnson vs. George Harrar. Claim for $125.13 against a certain new two story frame and two story kitchen adjoining situate on the east side of the Old York Road ______ feet north of the north side of Brown street in the district of the Northern Liberties. Being for lumber furnished and provided for and about said buildings. ------------------ City Records D.S.B. book #342; two claims filed March 27, 1827; satisfied February 11, 1830. John Williams &William Johnson trading under the firm of Williams & Johnson. One claim for $145.76 against a new two story brick house on the northwest corner of Budd street and Pollard's alley about 100 feet north from Laurel street in the Northern Liberties. . . being for lumber furnished. A second claim for $145.76 against a new two story brick dwelling house or tenement situate on the west side of Budd street the second house north from Pollard's alley in the Northern Liberties on part of a lot of ground owned by John H. Brinton and wife. . . being for lumber furnished. ----------------- City Records D.C.Liens book #399; claim filed February 6, 1841; no satisfaction noted John Williams and George Williams vs. Post & Dardine. Claim for $146.11 for lumber against a certain new 2-story frame messuage or tenement situate on the north westwardly side of the Darby road, nearly opposite to the gate and porter's lodge of the Philadelphia Almhouse. ------------------ City Records D.C. Liens book #400; filed February 9, 1842; satisfied July 18, 1843 John Williams vs. Wilson P. Carman. Claim for $192.75 for carpenters work against a 3-story brick building situate at the southwest corner of 4th and Marshall streets in the District of Southwark. ------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #402; filed August 22, 1844; no note of satisfaction John Williams vs. John Young et al. Claim for $291.25 for carpenters work done against a 2-story brick building known as the First Baptist Meeting House in Passyunk township & the lot or piece of ground appurtenant thereto situate on the south side of Passyunk road, about 200 feet west of Broad street.

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