Errickson, Michael



Errickson, Michael


Michael Errickson appears in Philadelphia city directories from 1832 through 1868. From 1832 to 1864 he notes an occupation as carpenter, but in 1865 he changes to "gentleman." It appears that he was one of a group of architects and carpenters employed on the Philadelphia Contributionship Building at 212 South Fourth Street.

Biography from the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
Written by Sandra L. Tatman.

Member Number


Last Name


First Name


Deceased Date



Isabelle Ann Errickson Bruce

Date Elected


Office Held

President, 1863-65
Vice President, 1862
Warden, 1845-47

Committee Membership

Book Prices Committee, 1860-64
Managing Committee, 1848-50,52-54,56-58,60-62,66

Business Address

68 Queen St. (CD) (1840)


Philadelphia Contributionship, 212 S. 4th St.
(see listing under Daniel Knight)


Transactions APS Vol. 43, Part I (1953), page 114 The subcommittee on refitting the old Hall (1857) included D.R. Knight, James Hutchinson and Michael Errickson. Footnote 150 lists expenses. ------------------- City Directory - 1840 - M. Errickson, carpenter, 68 Queen. 1845 - Michael, carpenter, 11th above Washington. 1850 - Michael, carpenter, St. Mary; house 244 S. 11th. 1854 - Michael, carpenter, Juniper above Pine; house 382 Pine above 13th ------------------- Athenaeum 1832-64 - Michael, carpenter, S. Juniper; house 1322 Pine 1865-68 - Michael, gentleman, house 1322 Pine ------------------- City Records D.C. Liens (see John Lindsay) ------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #402; filed May 3, 1847; satisfied July 9, 1850 (with his signature) Michael Errickson vs. Eliabeth Baton et al. Claim for $403.13 for work and materials against a 3-story brick tenement situate on the west side of Delaware 4th street at the distance of about 54 feet south of the south side of Catharine street in the District of Southwark. ----------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #410; filed December 9, 1868; satisfied April 14, 1869 (see James Errickson listing for same house) John Muller and John Killen trading as Muller & Killen vs. James Dougherty, owner, and Michael Errickson, contractor. Claim for $1,752.25 for work and materials against all that certain 3-story brick building with brown stone front and lot of ground appurtenant thereto situate on the south side of Green street 100 feet west of 22nd street , containing in front on Green street 58 feet and in depth southward 177 feet 5 inches to Brandywine street. ----------------- In his member file: Information on various members of the Errickson family sent by Isabelle Errickson Bruce.