Kelley, Edward



Kelley, Edward

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Warden, 1860-62

Committee Membership

Library Committee, 1870-72
Managing Committee, 1863-65,67-69,74-76

Business Address

Little Pine below 7th (CD) (1854)


City Directory - 1854 - Edward, carpenter, Little Pine below 7th; house 189 Christian. --------------------- City Records D.S.B. #342; filed March 7, 1825; satisfied April 25, 1827. (Is this our man? - possibly too early and not identical spelling, although records sometimes vary) Edward Kelly vs. Sarah Duffy. Claim for $310 against a certain two story brick house situate in Plum street north side one door from the west side of Third street in the district of Southwark being for carpenters work for the aforesaid building. --------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #403; filed December 22, 1851; satisfied with judgment Edward Kelley vs. Charles W. Clement. Claim for $435.26 for carpenters work against all those two certain 4-story brick houses with rough cast painted fronts No. 1 on the north side of South street commencing at the distance of 113 feet east from the east side of 9th street; No. 2 adjoining No. 1 on the east at the distance of 129 feet eastward from the east side of 9th street, apportioned. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #404; filed November 3, 1854; satisfied July 6, 1855 (with his signature) Edward Kelley vs. Israel Tobiason. Claim for $1200 for work and materials against 5-story brick building situate on thewest side of2nd street at the distance of about 45 feet south of Dock street and known as No. 106 south 2nd street. The building in front 16 feet more or less and in depth 83 feet more or less and the lot of ground appurtenant to said building. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #409; filed May 28, 1867; satisfied April 21, 1868 Edward Kelley vs. Rebecca T. Smethurst, acting for Richard, Dec. Claim for $1,653.35 for work and materials against all that certain 3-storied brick building tenement house intended for and in part occupied by offices for lawyers and conveyancers situate on late Prune street now called Locust street 42 feet 3 inches more or less west of 4th street containing in front 58 feet 7 inches more or less and in depth southerly 25 feet 6 1/2 inches. -------------------- City Records D.C. Liens book #411; filed October 22, 1869; satisfied January 28,1873 John Kelley, William Kelley & Edward Kelley, trading as John Kelley & Sons, vs. John H. Shumacker. Claim for $585.29 for materials furnished against a blacksmith and wheelwright shop and lot of ground situate on the east side of 9th street 100 feet north of Wharton street, 24 feet front and 54 feet deep.

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