Walls, Henry D.



Walls, Henry D.

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669 North 11th Street


City Records D.C. Liens book #407; filed June 22, 1860; satisfied July 10, 1860 Henry Walls vs. James H. Sprague. Claim for $229 for work against two 3-story brick buildings situate on the southwest corner of 21st and Sansom streets, one of them being in front on 21st street 19 feet 6 inches and the other 19 feet in front with a depth of 26 feet with back building 14 feet wide by 20 feet in depth, each lot being in depth 58 feet more or less to a three-foot wide alley, apportioned. -------------------- City Records D.C.Liens book #407; filed January 10,1861; satisfied May31, 1862 Henry Walls vs. Joseph M. Thomas. Claim for $160 for work against a 3-story brick house and 3-story back building on the south side of Master street 55 feet east of Ontario street, 17 feet 7 inches front and 26 feet 8 inches deep and lot of ground in front 17 feet 7 inches wide and in depth 81 feet 7 inches.

Defendant/Sheriff's Sale Notes

Hansley R. and Jane A. (1863)