Hitchcock, Joseph



Hitchcock, Joseph


Joseph Hitchcock was a master builder elected to The Carpenters' Company prior to the earliest surviving records.

 Biography from Philadelphia Architects and Buildings, a project of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Written by Roger W. Moss. 

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John, Elizabeth


State House as bricklayer (possible)


*Tatman & Moss Biographical Dictionary of Phila. Architects page 381. Was a master builder elected to The Company prior to the earliest surviving records. (See John Hitchcock.) See Selected Bibliography in Tatman & Moss Bio Dictionary Phila. Architects.

*Hannah Roach papers: Joseph Hitchcock, house carpenter: died 4 2m 1760 aged near 45. (Hinshaw, II, 375) Will dated 2 February 1760; proved February 6, 1760, Phila. Will Book L, 380, #244:1760. Rated in Dock Ward in 1756 as a carpenter, with 16 pounds estate. (PGM XXII, 14).

*Athenaeum "said to have worked on Statehouse as bricklayer."

*PA Gazette 10/13/1757 - #8565 Exposed to public sale, three houses in Walnut St., estate of Joseph and John Hitchcock, seized and taken by the sheriff.

*Grantor File Data from the City of Philadelphia Archives:
(Date; Book; No.; Page; Grantee)
1739/1751; G; 3; 280; Hulbear, Philip
1739/1751; G; 3; 428; Ross, John
1739/1751; G; 6; 162; Simms, Joseph
1739/1751; G; 7; 250; Claypoole, Abraham
1739/1751; G; 8; 133; Leech, John
1739/1751; G; 10; 62; Wistar, Caspar
1751/1766; H; 2; 323; Claypoole, Abraham
1751/1766; H; 17; 143; Paschall, John
1799/1809; EF; 11; 1; Davis, George
1809/1815; IC; 3; 39; Jackson, Joseph
1815/1819; MR; 23; 210; Shippen, William

Defendents/Sheriff Sales File Data from City of Philadelphia Archives:
(Book; Page; Year; Purchaser)
A-1; 230; 1757; Bullock, George
A-1; 230; 1757; Stephens, James

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