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  • Item Type: Object

Description: framed print of Loxley House at 2nd and Spruce Streets in 18th century
Item type: print of Loxley House

Description: Metal storage box to house old official documents for Carpenters' Company; papers moved to Hollinger box with original deeds that will move to APS. This box kept for historic recognition.
Item type: Metal storage box

Description: Baccarat Crystal 9-1/2" H 4-1/4" W 2" deep; probably gift from London Company in 1990s
Item type: Baccarat Crystal

Description: very rusty.
Item type: butterfly hinges

Description: twist auger drill bit
Item type: twist auger drill bit

Description: Portrait of Gunning Bedford, member of the Carpenters' Company. This is a photographic copy of the original painted by Charles William Peale. The original painting was loaned to the Hall for an unspecified amonut of time ~1988. (according to the…
Item type: Portrait of Gunning Bedford

Description: Hammerman's Guild framed photographic print of original emblem. "Carved front from Hammerman's loft, Old St. Nicholas Kirk, Dalkieth, Midlothian. Original now in Royal Museum, Edinburgh." Written on small engraved plate on frame. Gift to the…
Item type: framed print

Description: iron; octagonal body or shaft which tapers to a four sided point. Round head mitring tool
Item type: mitring tool

Description: paring chisels: see individual entries
Item type: paring chisels

Description: Sharpening stone in a pine box. The stone is rectangular in shape. The box fits extremely tightly around the stone.
Item type: sharpening stone

Description: There is no item description in this file, only a photo.

Based on the photo and the context that this photo was found in, it is most likely a Punch. The tool itself is rather wide in the middle with a tapered point. Likewise, it has a flat head.
Item type: scablars?

Description: fore plane; beech wood, closed handle, cutter and wedge missing, toe of body worn, manufacturer: Sandusky Tool Company
Item type: fore plane

Description: molding plane
Item type: molding plane

Item type: flagpole base

Description: Issued to William Roberts, Feb. 15, 1763. Engraving of standing Liberty on pedestal bearing C.Co. arms. Doric columns, white background, buildings, bridges, river pyramid. J. Thackera Co. seal, orange Dated, witnessed, signed. Framed. 1 of 5.
Item type: certificate of membership

Description: portion of furniture or architectural piece. three joined sections of wood, carved.
Item type: wood piece

Description: A kind of Auger used to bore only crossgrain, never end grain. Some rust visible. The center of auger bit-has a point to hold bit in one spot. Likewise it has a sharp scriber which cuts through the outline of the intended hole and a small blade…
Item type: auger bit

Description: very rusty
Item type: twisted drill bit

Description: very rusty. the top is flattened as though hit repeatedly.
Item type: twisted drill bit

Description: short with thick bit. rusty.
Item type: twisted drill bit

Description: silver metal. small, long thin bit.
Item type: twisted auger bit

Description: very rusty
Item type: twisted auger bit

Description: Published by Carpenters' Printing Plant, Indianapolis. Light green covered paperback booklet of 64 pages. Stamped on the cover in red ink, "David B. Walker." Printed on the cover: "Established August 12, 1881. Constitution as amended by The…
Item type: book

Description: Publishers- P.J. Collison & Co., Brooklyn, NY. Date: 1911. 152 pages. Accession number written on reverse side of title page and on page 66.
Item type: book

Description: threaded screw arm. maker's name illegible.
Item type: clamp

Description: some rust visible. point of bit not sharp.
Item type: twisted auger bit

Description: Steel blade, rosewood handle. Brass mitre and square edge. "D. Walker," owner's mark.
Item type: square

Description: mahogany with brass fittings.
Item type: compass

Description: steel with wooden handles. conventional chuck. no legible maker's name.
Item type: bit brace

Description: The check is engraved with the following: -The dates of the institution (1724) and incorporation (1790) of the C. Co. -The name and address of the C. Co. -"To The Tradesmen National Bank and Trust Company." -There are spaces left for the date, the…
Item type: engraved silver plate

Description: There are three almost complete circles attached to the end of the key.
Item type: key

052_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
053_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
054_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
057_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Brass telescope that's been covered in canvas, stitched. with lens cover. Simple decoration around lenses and where canvas begins and ends. Pressure-sensitive tape around eyepiece end, discolored. Object includes framed certificate. see ccccp-88.2.2
Item type: telescope

Description: Mallet-headed scablar or boaster possibly iron. The tool is clearly octagonal with sharp edges. The tip flattened to cutting edge.
Item type: mallet-headed scablar or boaster

Description: Tool is possibly iron. It has a flat, round head and a flattened cylindrical body. The end of the tool flares to cutting edge.
Item type: mallet-headed scablar or boaster

Description: Blade for mallet-headed trimming. The blade itself has a double-sided cutting edge with ten teeth on either side.
Item type: blade for mallet-headed trimming

Description: Iron blade. Flare toward end. Roughly octagonal body and round head. Wedge-shaped end is slit to allow blades to be interchanged. There is a total of 10 teeth.
Item type: mallet-headed trimmings and blade

Description: blade for mallet-headed trimmingdouble-edged cutting tool. one edge broken- one tooth missing?
Item type: blade for mallet-headed trimming

Description: Blade for mallet-headed trimming; one edge is uneven / broken. There is a double-sided trimming blade.
Item type: blade for mallet-headed trimming

Description: Iron cutter. Mallet Headed, flat round head. Originally octagonal by the worn body has become almost round. End flares to wedge with slit for blade. Currently there is no blade.
Item type: mallet-headed trimming

Description: Punch possibly made of iron. Roughly octagonal body. very sharp edges at point. The punch tapers to four-sided point.
Item type: mallet-headed point or punch

Description: Iron scablar; flat round head. This tool has a roughly octagonal body flaming widely toward cutting edge. Additionally, it has an extremely asymmetrical cutting edge.
Item type: mallet-headed scablar or boaster

Description: Iron Boaster. Cutter with octagonal body flares to wide cutting edge. The tool has a flat, round head. One tip of cutting edge is missing.
Item type: mallet-headed scablars or boasters

Description: Cutting tool; iron. The tool has a roughly octagonal body. Likewise, it flares toward tip; creating a rough wedge-like tip. Flat round head.
Item type: mallet-headed margin or drafting tool.

Description: Cutting tool; possibly iron. The tool has a roughly octagonal body, a thin neck and a flat round head.
Item type: mallet-headed margin or drafting tool

Description: Drafting tool; possibly iron. The tool has a small, flat, round head and a cylindrical body. The drafting too flares toward tip. The tip could be described as wedge-like.
Item type: drafting tool.

Description: Cutter; possibly iron with a flat round head. Likewise, there is an octagonal upper body and a flattened cylindrical lower body. Finally, there is a wedge-like tip; mallet headed pt.
Item type: mallet headed pt.

Description: Cutter, possibly iron. The body has octagonal shape and a wedge-like tip. Small flat round head.
Item type: mallet-headed margin or drafting tool.
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