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Description: Wedgewood plate to commemorate 100 years as national shrine with drawing of Hall. Sticker (presently removed from plate due to dirt) saying "From A Lithograph by Grant M. Simon F.A.I.A. inscription on the back says: "CARPENTERS' COMPANY-…
Date: 1957
Item type: 1957 commemorative plate

Description: Watercolor painting of Carpenters' Hall. Painted by Louis de Moll, elected to membership in the Carpenters' Company in 1977.
Date: c. 1980
Item type: Watercolor

Description: Tin wall sconce with mirrored reflectors and a single scrolled arm candle holder.
Date: late 18th C.
Item type: sconce

047_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
048_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
049_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
050_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Tin wall sconce with mirrored reflectors and a single scrolled arm candle holder.
Date: late 18th C.
Item type: sconce

Description: From back of print: Painted by T. Thomson; engraved by W.H. Lizars To Her Grace the Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensbury This view of the Town of Dalkeith from South East Is, with Permission, most respectfully dedicated by her Grace's most obedient…
Item type: Town of Dalkeith

193_Carpenters' Hall_.jpg
194_Carpenters' Hall_.jpg
Description: Mahogany Victorian umbrella stand with cast iron well dish
Date: c. 1860
Item type: umbrella stand

Description: Saw blade. Finger prints and rust visible on saw blade.
Item type: saw blade

Description: Rocking chair. Naugahyde upholstered and cushioned back and arms, smooth studs. Base is stationary, chair rocks with curved planks and inner metal springs. Small wheels on forward "legs."
Item type: Rocking chair

140_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
139_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Head gavel that is split and is bound by wire
Date: unknown
Item type: gavel

Description: portion of furniture or architectural piece. three joined sections of wood, carved.
Item type: wood piece

Description: Beech wood plow plane or fillister, No maker listed.
Item type: plow plane or filister

Description: Plow plane by Israel White, plane maker in Philadelphia, 1831-1839. lignum vitae boxing on fence. fence chipped front and back, unusual depth stop control.
Date: c. 1830
Item type: plow plane

Description: Plow plane made of Beech wood. Manufactured by Sandusky Tool Co. Catalog #118 Replacement wedge, body cracked, some thread chip.
Item type: plow plane

Description: Typed statement: "This collection, including the set of planes, was used by David Walker, deceased. Mr. Walker was a carpenter and builder, having his business in Frankford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. most of these tools were made in Scotland and…
Item type: framed statement

Description: Two-part walking stick with corrugations along its length. Smooth bone handle is imprinted with small circles.
Item type: walking stick

Description: two loose book covers (from same book), deep red color with no markings
Item type: book covers

Description: Signed by Levi Budd, and donated 2006 by a Budd descendant and Brearley & Carl Karsch.
Date: 1778
Item type: Continental currency - 2 pieces

Description: Records of work by these two members, who worked for insurance companies following fire damage.
Date: 19th Century
Item type: Two ledger books

Description: Twist auger; edges of the handle are rounded. Handled auger. Gimlet starter. Wooden handle. Steel is hand-forged.
Item type: handled twist auger, large gimlet

Description: Handled Twist Auger. Extreme edges of handle are rough. they have been sawed off. Gimlet starter, wooden handle. Hand-forged steel.
Item type: handled twist auger gimlet

Description: Twist auger drill bits with wide coil section and narrow screw points. Fairly long and made of metal. Screw point. Bits of red paint.
Item type: twist auger drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bit: very wide coil section. CCCCP-240b is slighly taller than CCCCP-240a.
Item type: twist auger drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bits
Item type: drill bits

Description: Twist auger drill bits
Item type: drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bits; red paint visible on 247a
Item type: drill bits

Description: Twist auger drill bits
Item type: drill bits

Description: Twist auger drill bits
Item type: twist auger drill bits

Description: twist auger drill bit
Item type: twist auger drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bits
Item type: twist auger drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bit: widths of CCCCP-241a and 241b's coil sections are equal.
Item type: twist auger drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bits. Fairly long and made of metal. Screw point.
Item type: drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bits. Fairly long and made of metal. Screw point.
Item type: drill bit

Description: Twist auger drill bit
Item type: drill bit

Description: oak arm support, used to replace original. Removed by Robert Whitley in 1980 restoration. Whitley restored a maple arm support. oak was aesthetically turned wrong and constructed wrong.
Item type: oak arm support

Description: tribute to C.Co. from Engineering Societies in Delaware Valley for contributions to the development of early America and Philadelphia. Framed.
Date: 1976
Item type: framed certificate

Description: Wooden wedge of smooth textured dark wood. long, thin triangle shape with curved corners.
Item type: wooden wedge

Description: Illuminated resollution handwritten and painted. Probably Strickland Studio in Old Land Title Building.
Date: 1974
Item type: framed award

Description: Published by The Darien Press, Bristo Place, 1905. 72 pages. Red worn cover is tearing away from red paper cover beneath. Inside the cover- pencil-written personal notes with names and names of Streets. Stamped on the title page in red ink, "David B.…
Date: 1905
Item type: book

Description: Published by Carpenters' Printing Plant, Indianapolis. Light green covered paperback booklet of 64 pages. Stamped on the cover in red ink, "David B. Walker." Printed on the cover: "Established August 12, 1881. Constitution as amended by The…
Item type: book

025_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
026_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Tin, affixed paper describes sand shaker. Tin is painted black.
Item type: sand shaker

Description: Three copper printing plates, all attached to wooden blocks. Used for printing.
Date: unknown
Item type: printing plates

Description: Saw Blade in circular form, bound by a thin metal wire. Very rusty saw blade.
Item type: circular saw blade

Description: escutheon; has 7 small holes, 1 large hole, a keyhole and an opening shaped like a rectangle with all four sides curved inward between the two connected metal parts. black plastic printed label saying, "Carpenters' Hall Escutheon taken 1857 off front…
Item type: escutheon

Description: There are three almost complete circles attached to the end of the key.
Item type: key

Description: There are three almost complete circles attached to the end of the key.
Item type: key

181_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
182_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Engraved by Jacob J. Plocher, after Thomas Birch. Mahogany finished frame. Upper Ferry Bridge
Date: 1812
Item type: engraving; Upper Ferry Bridge.

175_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Framed award; The Robert Smith Award to Charles E. Peterson
Date: 1982
Item type: framed award

Description: Wooden swivel armchair, Naugahyde, and metal swivel machiner. Seat and inset back of Naugahyde with studs. chair rests on central axis with hardware for turning and adjusting. Base is four wooden splayed legs.
Date: 1903
Item type: chair
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