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Author: Ware, Isaac, trans.
Date: 1755

Author: Kirby, Joshua
Date: 1761

Description: Despite the handwritten date of 1740, this prospect was engraved in 1761 for the London Magazine, based on an original drawing made by George Heap in 1752 and published by Nicholas Scull in 1754 with the backing of William Penn. The largest and most…
Date: 1761

Description: Book of Common Prayer, of the Church of England, Published in 1763. Presented by Elizabeth H. Fisher. Bound in leather, embossed with gold. Encased in glass and metal box, book rests on embroidered red pillow.
Date: 1763
Item type: Book of Common Prayer

Act of Incorporation and By-Laws and Miscellany.jpg
Description: Includes Minutes, Feb. 15, 1763 - April 18, 1768
Date: 1763-1768

Date: 1763-1834 2 to 12 1992

Author: Price, Francis
Date: 1765

Description: Molding plane; beech wood by George Mutter, London, England.
Date: 1766-1811
Item type: molding plane

Author: Price, Francis
Date: 1768

Author: Price, Francis
Date: 1768?

Description: Carpenters' Company minutes of quarterly, annual, and special meetings, 1 Feb 1769 to 15 Oct 1781 with Warden's list of attendance and arrearages; receipts at rear; there is a gap in the minutes from 26 Apr 1776 to 23 Oct 1778.
Date: 1769-1781

Date: 1769-1854 2 to 12 1992

Date: 1770

Description: Also contains Carpenters' Company Ledger, 22 Feb 1769 to 16 Jan 1823, From the inventory description: hz; on spine, in manuscript: "Minutes/ of the / Friendship / Carpenters / Company / 1769" Friendship Carpenters' Company, Company Minutes, 29 Jan…
Date: 1770-1775

Description: Molding plane; Beech wood. by John Cox of Birmingham, England. F. Rawlings, owner.
Date: 1770-1801
Item type: molding plane

032_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
031_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Large hollow metal ‘ball’ that was originally on the cupola of Carpenters’ Hall as part of the weather vane.

Large rusty thin metal 'ball' that was originally on the cupola of Carpenters' Hall, as part of the waether vane. Originally had 6 or more…
Date: 1770s
Item type: Ball from cupola weather vane

Author: Wallis, N.
Date: 1771

ccccp 001.jpg
018_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
019_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Spindle armchair with shaped arm rests terminating in knuckled hand grips. shield-shaped plank seat, vase turned and splayed legs with bobbin turned stretchers. 1 of 7.

Repaired by Robert Whitle, Laurel Rd., Solebury, Bucks County, PA 18963.…
Author: Joseph Henzey
Date: 1773
Item type: chair

Description: A political cartoon showing a Custom House officer being tarred and feathered by a crowd at dockside while tea is dumped in harbor. Framed, wood. 9-3-85 - According to Dr. Doris Fanelli, this is a copy of an 18th C. print that was made in the late…
Date: 1775
Item type: tar + feather print

Author: Semple, George
Date: 1776

Description: Molding plane; beech wood. Ogee by B. Dyson of York, England. The object exhibits some wear.
Date: 1777-1802
Item type: molding plane, ogee

Author: Pain, William
Date: 1778

Description: Signed by Levi Budd, and donated 2006 by a Budd descendant and Brearley & Carl Karsch.
Date: 1778
Item type: Continental currency - 2 pieces

Description: From inventory description: Carpenters' Company, minutes of quarterly, annual, and special meetings, 21 Jan 1782 to 21 Apr 1788 {with Warden's list of attendance and arrearages; receipts at rear}
Date: 1782-1788

Description: From inventory description: [sm; on cover: "THE CARPENTERS COMPANY / SAMUEL JONES / BOOK OF DEMENTTIONS / OF CARPENTERS WORK / NO.2 / 1784"] Samuel Jones, Itemized Valuations--under Carpenters' Company rules-- for various Buildings, Jan 1784 to 26…
Date: 1784-1785

view (10).jpeg
Description: Price book of Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia., From inventory description: "[Sm; no cover or spine inscription; in case.] Carpenters Company, Rules for Measuring and Valuing House-Carpenters Work [Philadelphia, 1786].…
Date: 1786

view (9).jpeg
Description: From inventory description: Carpenters Company, Committee of Prices, Minutes, 23 Oct 1786 to 5 Feb 1791.
Date: 1786-1791

006_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
005_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: silk banner carried by the Carpenters' Company in 1788. cream colored ground with the Arms of the Carpenters' Company. Hand-carved and gilt frame with eagle cresting.
Date: 1788
Item type: banner

Carpenters' Company Minutes, 1788 - 1791.jpg
Description: Carpenters' Company minutes of quarterly, annual, and special meetings with Warden's list of attendance and arrearages, 18 April 1791 to 20 January 1794.
Date: 1788-1791

046_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
045_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
044_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
041_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
042_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
043_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Fire Bucket. Handle has broken off and is placed inside the bucket. Wood is exposed around the top edge where the leather has fallen away. two holes are at the top of the fire bucket. According to a card placed in one of the other two buckets, it was…
Date: 1789
Item type: fire bucket

Author: Cruden, John
Date: 1791

Description: Carpenters' Company, [Managing] Committee, Minutes, 20 Jan 1791 to 14 Jan 1792.
Date: 1791-1792
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