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Description: 1/8" mitre chisel blade by T.H. Witherby no handle
Item type: chisel blade

Description: Commemorative Medals. Attached to each is a bar pin with a blue and gold ribbon. Additionally there is the lettering "Carpenters' Company 1724" and a gold medal which has the raised images of 4 compasses and lettering which says "Carpenters' Company…
Author: Made at The Whitebar and Hoag Company.
Item type: commemorative medals

Description: The contribution cards date from 1889-1904. The accession numbers are placed on lower left hand corner of the card for 1903.
Date: 1889-1904
Item type: contribution cards

Description: Bulaw #313: c. 1872 cast iron, oval 12"x9-1/2 " raised "U F" old model steam fire engine in high relief. wheels have eight spokes. Bevel edge. Policy number 4002 was issued on December 7, 1872 and covered brick store and dwelling located at 610 south…
Item type: firemark

Description: 2-foot rule early 20th century found during kitchen renovations in 1990s wooden rule with brass ends
Item type: 2-foot rule

Description: 20th century U-shaped drill handle; no drill or screw bits with handle
Item type: 20th century drill handle

Description: American 24" rule; notation attached to rule which says, "1891 used by Samuel Betts" (removed 9-19-87). calibration numbers and letters are hand-stamped. Brass tips, missing one pin.
Item type: American 24" rule

Description: Attached to each medal is a red, white and blue ribbon and finally a gold medallion which has a raised image of the ball and lettering. The medal with the faded ribbon has the accession number CC 232 written on it.
Date: unknown
Item type: commemorative medals

Description: 4 heavy duty canvas bags with heavy zipper and strong lock mechanism. Marked Carpenters Company Provident National Bank 23813, 23815, 23821, 24748
Item type: bank money bags

Description: 5 thin pieces of wood; 1x7"; 1;3/4"; 1x5"; 1x3.5";1.75x5.5" from interior of building; unmarked
Item type: misc. wood

063_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
062_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
060_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
059_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
064_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
065_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: this six-piece silver tea/coffee service was used regularly by the Company for entertaining until mid-1990s. Managing Committee Minutes of December 1986 note that Charles E. Peterson gave the silver tea service to use in the newly decorated Dalkeith…
Item type: silver tea service

Description: A political cartoon showing a Custom House officer being tarred and feathered by a crowd at dockside while tea is dumped in harbor. Framed, wood. 9-3-85 - According to Dr. Doris Fanelli, this is a copy of an 18th C. print that was made in the late…
Date: 1775
Item type: tar + feather print

Description: hand wrought hinges
Item type: hinges

Description: Ticket numbered "109." Seems also to be some kind of admission form.
Item type: admission form or ticket

Description: Red, white and blue 13 stripes, 50 stars.
Item type: flag, American

Description: Red, white and blue 13 stripes, 50 stars
Item type: flag, American

Description: red, white and blue 13 stripes, 50 stars
Item type: flag, American

Description: andiron with the uppermost decoration being shaped like sphere.
Item type: andiron

Description: andiron with the uppermost decoration being shaped like sphere.
Item type: andiron

021_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: 1 of 2, accompanies speaker's desk, CCCCP-037 One of a set of three comb-back windsor armchairs with carved crest and bamboo turned legs used by the officers of the Carpenters' Company. Mahogany with clear coat finish. The accession number for the…
Date: second half of 19th C. (1860)
Item type: armchair

022_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: 2 of 2, accompanies speaker's desk, CCCCP-037 One of a set of three comb-back windsor armchairs with carved crest and bamboo turned legs used by the officers of the Carpenters' Company. Mahogany with clear coat finish. The accession number for the…
Date: second half of 19th C. (1860)
Item type: armchair

Description: A kind of Auger used to bore only crossgrain, never end grain. Some rust visible. The center of auger bit-has a point to hold bit in one spot. Likewise it has a sharp scriber which cuts through the outline of the intended hole and a small blade…
Item type: auger bit

Description: Auger drill bits with coil areas that culminate in point: on (a): "12" "W" circle in a square on (b): "Syracuse" "8" on (c): "W" "S.T. Co."
Item type: auger drill bits

Description: Auger with wooden handle, attached is an iron rod which becomes wide spiral at end.
Item type: auger

Description: Baccarat Crystal 9-1/2" H 4-1/4" W 2" deep; probably gift from London Company in 1990s
Item type: Baccarat Crystal

Description: Bead plane, 7/8" cut ; Beech wood made by Israel White, Phila.

Around 1831-39, but his widow, Charlotte, continued the business until 1845. Plane rotted at heel.

J. Binder, owner.
Date: 1831-1845
Item type: bead plane

Description: Appears to be a proof, with corrections in pencil. At bottom is written, "Engraved on steel by H.S. Sadd, from an Original Picture by T.H. Matteson"... "Published by John Neale, N.Y." Framed engraving J. Adams' Memories
Item type: Framed engraving; J. Adams' Memories

Description: Saw pad handle. Beech handle, brass fittings. blade missing. "D. Walker," owner.
Item type: saw paddle handle

Description: Bitstock with a wrought iron ring repair around neck of chuck. straight sweep, unusually nice form due to carving at front of sweep.
Date: 18th c.
Item type: wooden bitstock

Description: Rose wood bevel square 12" steel blade. Brass fittings.
Date: c. 1885
Item type: bevel square

Description: "Second and Market Street view of Christ Church" copy of Birch Print originally hung by IHA (Independence Historic Assoc.
Item type: 18th century print

Description: very rusty
Item type: twisted drill bit

Description: Black and white print of George Washington, in uniform sitting next to a table holding a letter. "WASHINGTON AND THE DUCHE LETTER. VALLEY FORGE 1777" Paper is discolored around the edges and on the back particularly behind the engraving itself. Taken…
Date: unknown
Item type: print

Description: heavy blade type scraper without handle Markings: WOBEAV (not clear) and son Electro Boraceo steele
Item type: blade type scraper

192_Carpenters' Hall_.jpg
Description: Large Mahogany Boardroom table, 10-ft. length, with inset felt top. Eastlake design felt top slightly stained and torn. Felt repaired Summer 1988 by Philadelphia Upholstery, 4818 N. Rising Sun, 329-5266.
Date: last quarter 19th C.
Item type: Long table

Description: Heavy dark red front cover of a book that contained Philadelphia Prints. The remaining print is the exterior of Carpenters' Hall. Scenes from Philadelphia, Society of Raim-Tuppani
Item type: front cover of book

Description: Book of Common Prayer, of the Church of England, Published in 1763. Presented by Elizabeth H. Fisher. Bound in leather, embossed with gold. Encased in glass and metal box, book rests on embroidered red pillow.
Date: 1763
Item type: Book of Common Prayer

Description: small wooden box with sliding lid that contained, in 2009, canceled checks with the bank statements from Guarantee Trust dated 1917. checks and statements moved to authorization records in basement
Date: c. 1915
Item type: wooden box

Description: Brass Mason's Bevel. The nut-bolt-washer joint is possibly made of Steel.
Item type: mason's bevel

Description: Brass plate marking door to library
Item type: library plate

052_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
053_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
054_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
057_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Brass telescope that's been covered in canvas, stitched. with lens cover. Simple decoration around lenses and where canvas begins and ends. Pressure-sensitive tape around eyepiece end, discolored. Object includes framed certificate. see ccccp-88.2.2
Item type: telescope

Description: broad axe with wooden handle, metal head
Item type: broad axe

Description: bronze plaque commemorates the founding of the U.S. Navy, Oct. 13, 1775. Made at the Franklin Mint.
Date: 1975
Item type: bronze plaque

Description: Screwdriver. Wooden handle, metal blade and tip.
Date: unknown
Item type: screwdriver

Description: Soft wood, probably pine. Tool chest original dark green paint. Hand dovetailed. Two trays. Included Lock and key. 7-93 escucheon no longer attached.
Date: c. 1860
Item type: tool chest

Description: utility knife
Item type: utility knife

Description: Carpenters' Company Banner
Item type: Carpenters' Co. Banner

Description: Needle work of Carpenters' Hall done for celebration of 1976 by D.W.
Item type: needle work print

007_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Antique carved and gilded frame adorned with central cartouche; symbols of the compass and square are missing. The frame had contained original letters from William Penn, George Washington, Robert Morris, Thomas Jefferson, Edward Randolph, Thomas…
Item type: frame

008_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Antique carved and gilded frame adorned with central cartouche with symbols of compass and square, containing a list of the Members of the Carpenters' Company form 1734 to 19_
Item type: frame
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