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Date: 01/01/1830 c.


Date: 01/01/1855

Date: 06/25/1776 circa


Date: 12/1988 & 01/1989

Author: Palladio, Andrea
Date: 1676

Date: 1683-1857 2 to 12 1992

Author: Monteage, Stephen.
Date: 1690

Author: Palladio, Andrea
Date: 1693

008_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
009_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Wooden chest; Faded blue paint on side panels, and interior, two iron handles, lock, inside- 3 bottom partitions. Two removable drawers which slide into groove near top. 3 metal wheels. Multiple scratches throughout.
Date: 1705
Item type: chest

Author: Love, John
Date: 1720

066_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
067_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
068_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
069_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
070_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
071_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
072_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: four small drawings near the top of the tankard. only an
Date: 1724
Item type: English silver tankard

Author: Campbell, Colon
Date: 1731

Author: Campbell, Colon
Date: 1731

Author: Campbell, Colon
Date: 1731

Author: Gentleman of the Middle Temple, A
Date: 1736

Author: Ware, Isaac, trans.
Date: 1738

Author: Langley, B.
Date: 1741

Author: Leoni, Giacomo
Date: 1742

Author: Leoni, Giacomo
Date: 1742

Author: Gibbs, James
Date: 1753
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