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Description: steel engraving plate for certificate of membership in J. E. Caldwell box
Item type: engraving plate certificate membership

Description: original engraving plate for invitations to quarterly meetings. Box includes William Paravano Co. box lid 4713 N. 16th Street, Philadelphia
Item type: steel engraving plate

Description: steel plate with 2 flat hooks and one protruding hook. Haman Pat. Mark 79
Item type: metal hook

144_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
145_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
146_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
147_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: heavy metal tool with long sharp edge in wooden plank case with 3 leather straps
Item type: wood case with metal instrument

Description: nothing more known
Item type: wooden grabbers

Description: early wooden collection box with sliding lid and handle several inches long with oval slot for contributions. Marked as one of originals. Box presented by James Stewart (elected 1833; died 1856). He was custodian until his death; wife continued his…
Item type: Collection box

Description: Grand Federal Edifice built by the Company in 1987/88 by, as closely as possible, the specifications from the original built by the Company in 1788. The float designed by Charles Willson Peale was part of the parade after the ratification of the…
Date: 1987
Item type: Grand Federal Edifice

Description: From back of print: Painted by T. Thomson; engraved by W.H. Lizars To Her Grace the Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensbury This view of the Town of Dalkeith from South East Is, with Permission, most respectfully dedicated by her Grace's most obedient…
Item type: Town of Dalkeith

Description: To Her Grace the Duchess of Bucdeuch and Queensbury This View of the Town of Dalkeith from South East
Item type: print of Dalkeith

Description: print of Dalkeith Church published by Rodwell & Martin, New Bond St. August 1819
Date: 1819
Item type: Dalkeith Church

Description: To Glory of God and Memory of Robert Smith Master Builder and Architect Born Dalkeith Parish January 14, 1722 Died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 11, 1777. Presented by Friends from America July 31, 1982
Date: 1982
Item type: Memory of Robert Smith

Description: Carved front from Hammormans Loft Old Saint Nicholas Kirk Dalkeith Midlothian Now in Royal Museum Edinburgh Gift of Scottish Historic & Research Society of Delaware Valley & friends of Robert Smith - January 14, 1991
Item type: Dalkeith Scotland

Description: framed print of Loxley House at 2nd and Spruce Streets in 18th century
Item type: print of Loxley House

Description: Metal storage box to house old official documents for Carpenters' Company; papers moved to Hollinger box with original deeds that will move to APS. This box kept for historic recognition.
Item type: Metal storage box

Description: Baccarat Crystal 9-1/2" H 4-1/4" W 2" deep; probably gift from London Company in 1990s
Item type: Baccarat Crystal

Description: 8" plate commemorating: "Society for the Relief of Distressed and Decayed Pilots - their widows and children; November 1788-1988.
Date: 1988
Item type: commemorative plate

Description: gift from Charles Hollenback in 1994; medal struck to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Carpenters' Hall
Date: 1970
Item type: medal for 200 anniversary

077_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
078_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Gift from Carpenters' Company of London during there visit in May 2009. Inscription: "This silver goblet was made in London in 1874, 100 years after the First American Congress was held in Carpenters' Hall Philadelphia. It was presented to the…
Date: 1874
Item type: Silver Goblet

Description: Records of work by these two members, who worked for insurance companies following fire damage.
Date: 19th Century
Item type: Two ledger books

Description: Signed by Levi Budd, and donated 2006 by a Budd descendant and Brearley & Carl Karsch.
Date: 1778
Item type: Continental currency - 2 pieces

Description: very rusty.
Item type: butterfly hinges

Description: Black and white print of George Washington, in uniform sitting next to a table holding a letter. "WASHINGTON AND THE DUCHE LETTER. VALLEY FORGE 1777" Paper is discolored around the edges and on the back particularly behind the engraving itself. Taken…
Date: unknown
Item type: print

174_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Framed Print titled: "Christ in the Carpenter's Shop" Reproduction "ONE OF FOUR TUDOR WALL PAINTINGS FROM THE MIDDLE SIXTEENTH CENTURY IN CARPENTERS' HALL LONDON. In the centre Joseph is trimming a beam, whilst on the right is the Virgin Mary and the…
Date: unknown
Item type: Framed Print

Description: wooden match plane with an adjustable fence. Blade has very little rust. Tip of wedge is broken off. Wood of the body has small ~1cm chip on side near the heel. Donated to the Company by Alfred L. MacMoran February 19, 1997.
Date: 19th C?
Item type: plane

Description: Smooth Plane of wood with tapered stock and double iron (blade). Edges of main body are worn, several dings in the wood. Blade is somewhat rusty and has a residue on one side Donated to the Company by Alfred L. MacMoran February 19, 1997.
Date: 19th C
Item type: Smooth plane

Description: wooden plane with skewed blade. Blade somewhat rusty. Edges of body worn. Multiple dins and scratches throughout with stain wearing off in places. Large chunk of wood broken off the wedge. Donated to the Company by Alfred L. MacMoran February 19,…
Date: 19th c.?
Item type: Rabbet Plane

Description: wooden rabbet plane. Blade is somewhat rusted. Tip of wedge is broken off. See measurements and markings Donated to the Company by Alfred L. MacMoran February 19, 1997.
Date: 19th c. ?
Item type: Rabbet Plane

Description: Wooden level, prob. cherry. Brass fittings/plates on both ends attached with flat-head screws. Multiple
Date: Late 19th c. (see patent dates)
Item type: Level

Description: Watercolor painting of Carpenters' Hall. Painted by Louis de Moll, elected to membership in the Carpenters' Company in 1977.
Date: c. 1980
Item type: Watercolor

064_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Oil Portrait of Charles E. Peterson (1906-2004), Member and Historian Emeritus of the Carpenters' Company, in gilt frame. Painted by Emilie R. Bregy. Half length, facing front, sitting in the library holding a copy of "Building Early America."
Date: 1994
Item type: Portrait

Description: framed indenture for Hiram Miller to Jacob B. Peterson.
Date: 1844
Item type: framed indenture

022_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
021_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
020_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
019_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
018_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
017_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Mahogany Ballot Box of dovetailed construction, with turned and extended handle, one compartment, and sliding lid for concealed roled ballots. (Note attached to the outside of the box states it is from Old Swede's Church.) numerous scratches and…
Date: late 18th/early 19th century
Item type: Ballot Box

032_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
031_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Large hollow metal ‘ball’ that was originally on the cupola of Carpenters’ Hall as part of the weather vane.

Large rusty thin metal 'ball' that was originally on the cupola of Carpenters' Hall, as part of the waether vane. Originally had 6 or more…
Date: 1770s
Item type: Ball from cupola weather vane

Description: Eight spindles, plank seat with vase and ring-turned spindles, continuous arm and back rail, terminating in volute hand grips, arched top cresting vase and ring turned legs and front stretcher. All chairs have crack where arms join in back. 1 of 7…
Date: c. 1850
Item type: chair

Description: twist auger drill bit
Item type: twist auger drill bit

165_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: rope maker's fid. Looks like a wooden stake. Has a rounded knob on one end and comes to a point at the other end. six grooves cut around the middle of the fid.
Date: unknown
Item type: fid

Description: Black and white image of Peyton Randolph. Portrait-chest up. The year 1815 is handwritten in pencil under the engraving. "painted by C.W. Peale; engraved by Goodman & Piggott; Published by Joseph Delaplaine." Paper is discolored around the edges and…
Date: possibly 1815
Item type: engraving

156_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
157_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Rectangular metal door plate with repeating floral designs. Three nail holes, one at top, middle and bottom. Painted Brown. 4 of a set of 4.
Date: unknown
Item type: Decorative Door Plate

157_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
156_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: 3 of a set of 4 metal door plates. Rectangular metal door plate with repeating floral designs. Three nail holes, one at top, middle and bottom. Painted brown.
Date: unknown
Item type: Decorative Door Plate

156_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
157_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: 2 of a set of 4 metal door plates. Rectangular metal door plate with repeating floral designs. Three nail holes, one at top, middle and bottom. Gold tint
Date: unknown
Item type: Decorative Door Plate

Description: Portrait of Gunning Bedford, member of the Carpenters' Company. This is a photographic copy of the original painted by Charles William Peale. The original painting was loaned to the Hall for an unspecified amonut of time ~1988. (according to the…
Item type: Portrait of Gunning Bedford

Description: The Philadelphia Bowl. Presented to the Carpenters' Company by Mayor William J. Green. Presentation Plaque inscribed: "Presented to the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia on the occasion of the second restoration of…
Date: 1980?
Item type: bowl

Description: Hammerman's Guild framed photographic print of original emblem. "Carved front from Hammerman's loft, Old St. Nicholas Kirk, Dalkieth, Midlothian. Original now in Royal Museum, Edinburgh." Written on small engraved plate on frame. Gift to the…
Item type: framed print

Description: iron; end tapers to a wedge; octagonal section 2 1/2" long near head mitring tool
Date: unknown
Item type: Internal mitring tool

Description: iron; octagonal body or shaft which tapers to a four sided point. Round head mitring tool
Item type: mitring tool

037_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
038_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
039_Carpenters' Hall.jpg
Description: Beech stone cutter's mallet with handle. Made of wood, 7 accessioning sheets for tools for NBM [?].

Tools are set aside in storage room on right side.
Date: approx. 1838 or late 19thc.
Item type: Mell or Mallet

Description: Four [?] and ring-turned legs; medial and side strechers- bulbous with rings on each side; stepped armrail with carved knuckle terminals; two [?] and ring-turned arm supports; 6 short spindles; 9 long spindles; serpentine crest-rail with carved…
Date: c. 1770
Item type: chair

Description: paring chisels: see individual entries
Item type: paring chisels

Description: Sharpening stone in a pine box. The stone is rectangular in shape. The box fits extremely tightly around the stone.
Item type: sharpening stone

058_Carpenter's Hall_lg.jpg
Description: Oil on canvas, portrait of Joseph Worrell (c. 1769-1840) and attributed to artist Jacob Eichholtz (1776-1842). Worrell was a house carpenter, or builder, who was elected President of the Carpenters' Company, Philadelphia in 1821. This portrait was…
Date: 1821 (probably circa)
Item type: portrait
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